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Environmental protection is a top priority

We care about natural resources at Fujitsu, and this attitude is reflected in all the products we launch. In Germany, for example, we look after the environment by encouraging all customers to return their used (and even obsolete) systems so that we can remarket or recycle them. Our Recycling Center in Paderborn, Germany employs a three-step concept for handling used hardware not suited for resale. The remarketing and recycling unit has received various certifications for such efforts, including the following:
  • The company’s quality management system introduced in 1993 meets stringent DIN EN ISO 9001 criteria. 
  • The Recycling Center was certified for specialized waste disposal in October 1997 according to the terms of Germany’s Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act. 
  • Our environmental management system, introduced in 1995 in accordance with EC environmental regulations, received DIN EN ISO 14001 certification in October 2001. A free environmental statement is available upon request.