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Архивное содержание

Примечание: это архивная страница, и ее содержимое, скорее всего, устарело.

Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is an agreement between the ‘owner’ of the equipment, the Lessor and the ‘user’, the Lessee. All costs such as hardware, software, installation, training, services etc can all be included in the agreement. The lessee is responsible for maintaining and insuring the equipment but you can, of course purchase service packs and services contracts either directly from Fujitsu or one of our partners.

At the end of the lease term the Lessee chooses to:

  1. return the equipment
  2. continue to lease the original equipment, or upgrade the equipment for new
A Finance Lease is recorded as an asset on your balance sheet and the lease rentals are shown as a liability. A Finance Lease is typically structured between 1 and 5 years with the payment being fixed. Payments can be made on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Additional equipment can also be ‘Added on’ for an increase in the monthly rental, or the equipment may be exchanged or upgraded under the Technology Refresh solution.

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