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  3. Услуга Fujitsu по развертыванию VMware vCloud

Услуга Fujitsu по развертыванию SAP HANA®

Развертывание SAP HANA®

Эта услуга, предоставляемая по фиксированной цене, обеспечивает полностью интегрированное развертывание инфраструктуры SAP HANA®. Всего несколько шагов – и идеальная рабочая среда может быть передана заказчику. В результате, заказчикам требуется минимальная техническая поддержка. Консультанты Fujitsu выполняют надежную высококачественную установку и скоординированное внедрение, максимально сокращая время, необходимое для получения выигрыша в продуктивности и закладывая основу будущей повышенной стабильности эксплуатации и производительности. В результате ИТ-подразделения могут сосредоточиться на самых важных ИТ-задачах и быстро окупить инвестиции в эти решения.

Преимущества для заказчиков

Услуга Fujitsu по развертыванию SAP HANA® обеспечивает эффективное и надежное внедрение компонента SAP HANA в имеющуюся инфраструктуру и…
  • быстро предоставляет полноценное, оптимизированное, готовое к работе решение SAP HANA,
  • по конкурентоспособной фиксированной цене, исключающей непредвиденные расходы на внедрение,
  • используя проверенную предустановленную и протестированную конфигурацию оборудования,
  • настроенного под конкретные требования заказчика для максимального соответствия потребностям бизнеса.

  • Munich, 05 мая 2015
    Fujitsu Delivers Greater In-Memory Computing Performance with New-generation PRIMEQUEST and PRIMERGY Systems

    With the needs of modern financial and telecommunications companies, and big data processing in mind, Fujitsu today introduces the new FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 2000 series second generation line up of high-end servers that offer oustanding x86 performance and memory expandability.

  • Munich, 29 апреля 2015
    Fujitsu and ACC Wien Implement Platform for Use in Research and Education on SAP HANA®

    Fujitsu announces that the Academic Competence Center of the Vienna University of Technology (ACC Wien) has chosen Fujitsu infrastructure for the university’s first implementation of SAP® Business Suite powered by the SAP HANA® platform. The new infrastructure enables vast amounts of data to be analyzed in real time without compromising security.

  • Bangalore, India, 28 апреля 2015
    Fujitsu India Receives 2015 SAP® Pinnacle Award: New Value-Added Reseller of the Year

    Fujitsu today announces that its Indian operation has received a 2015 SAP® Pinnacle Award as the New Value-Added Reseller of the Year, which recognizes its outstanding contributions as an SAP partner. SAP presents these awards annually to the top partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP.

  • Munich, 14 апреля 2015
    FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX Makes Life Even Easier for SAP Customers

    Fujitsu today announced that it is adding new offerings for customers running or planning to adopt SAP® software, in a further expansion of its PRIMEFLEX portfolio of Integrated Systems. These additions extend the PRIMEFLEX brand, which has received a very positive response from customers and is emerging as one of the industry’s most comprehensive set of pre-configured and pre-tested ready-to-run systems for the business-centric data center.

  • Fujitsu Forum / Munich, 18 ноября 2014
    Fujitsu Launches KISS Report – Simplification is not just a Buzz Word

    Around 60 percent of SAP customers believe there is scope to further exploit the vast capabilities of SAP solutions. however the key to achieving this is streamlining and simplification according the Fujitsu KISS Report1, launched today at Fujitsu Forum Munich 2014.

  • Fujitsu Forum / Munich, 18 ноября 2014
    Fujitsu Simplifies EDP’s SAP HANA Landscape ahead of Full Liberalization of the Portuguese Energy Market

    Fujitsu today announces its successful delivery of an optimized infrastructure and a comprehensive service offering to ensure that the SAP HANA landscape of one of Portugal’s largest companies, EDP (Energias de Portugal, S.A.), is fully operational ahead of the deadline for liberalization of the Portuguese energy market in 2015.

  • Hanover/Munich, 09 марта 2014
    Fujitsu Provides Technology to Key International Research Institution to Help Optimize Server Systems for In-Memory Computing with the SAP HANA Platform

    Fujitsu today announces that it is providing server technology to support research on in-memory technology being performed at Magdeburg Research and Competence Cluster (MRCC). Fujitsu is extending its established relationship with the research institution by contributing its state-of-the-art FlexFrame Orchestrator solution to serve as the foundation of MRCC’s latest research project.

  • Munich, 25 февраля 2014
    Fujitsu to Support Dynamic Expansion Plans at Dubai’s Modern Bakery

    Fujitsu today announced that Modern Bakery in Dubai has selected Fujitsu for a highly strategic project to update the bakery’s IT infrastructure. Using the SAP HANA platform running on Fujitsu Power Appliance, the project is designed to provide real-time insight into the business data and financials that can be critical for a business in perishable products.