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ETERNUS Reporting Service

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Reporting Service for ETERNUS DX storage systems provides a continuous, automated collection and archive of storage configuration and utilization data in a SQL database. This enables organizations to have fully open and flexible access to current and historical data of the storage systems, with detailed reporting and tracking of parameters such as capacity utilization, capacity growth, capacity allocation and other configuration details quickly and easily! In addition Fujitsu consultants define storage classes, mapping hardware characteristics to business and accounting requirements. From reports generated to provide an overview of the whole storage system to detailed reports for a specific server or cluster, information to answer specific business questions is readily available.

Customer’s benefits:

This service enables Customer IT staff to focus on what is most important to the business, with the assurance that an optimally performing Fujitsu ETERNUS DX storage system is operating as a solid base for current and future demands.