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Providing system administrators an effective means of creating optimized disk space, even during online processing mode

Current version: V7.0 and V8.0

SPACEOPT gives the system administrator an efficient means of optimizing disk space. One of the main advantages of SPACEOPT is that disk storage can be reorganized during online processing mode, without the need for additional intermediate storage. The aim of SPACEOPT is to create the largest possible contiguous areas of free storage within a volume, so that fewer extents are required to store large files.

Regular use of SPACEOPT can prevent a situation occurring where the level of fragmentation is so high that no more contiguous space can be found for large files and these files can no longer be created. SPACEOPT offers the possibility of adapting the size of BS2000 volumes to the capacity of the disk memory as the further function. SPACEOPT significantly improves the utilization of disk volumes (pubset disks).