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SNMP agents for system and application monitoring in BS2000

Current version: V1.1

Based on the SNMP protocol, integrated network, system and application management is now possible. Heterogeneous IT components from different manufacturers can be integrated into a uniform management system. In combination with the NET-SNMP component of the BS2000 operating system, the product SNMP-AGENTS serves to connect BS2000 systems to a central management system via the SNMP standard management protocol. With SNMP-AGENTS, Fujitsu provides its customers with a series of agents for system and application monitoring in BS2000. Agents are also available for monitoring and managing various applications, the console interface, BS2000 subsystems, spool and storage systems and log files, as well as for the HSMS, openFT, open SM2 and openUTM products.

To support the customer-specific integration of SNMP in BS2000 into common monitoring systems, Fujitsu offers the service "SNMP Integration Service".