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Imperial Tobacco: Virtualised Server Platform

Case Study:

Imperial Tobacco Virtualised Server Platform

"The Fujitsu solution has transformed our server environment, reduced our carbon footprint and is expected to save us £500k in the first year alone"

Download the 'Imperial Tobacco' case study PDF [138 KB]

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For many years, Imperial Tobacco has operated 147 servers across three central server farms in Bristol – one at its head office, one at an ancillary office and one maintained in a third party datacentre. As the contract with the hosting provider was coming to an end, the company decided it was time to re-evaluate its server infrastructure and explore new, more efficient ways of delivering applications and services to its local and global workforce.

The Imperial Tobacco and Fujitsu teams participated in a three-day workshop to assess and fine tune the project requirements. From the outset, there were a number of criteria that had to be met if the project was to be successful.

“It was critical that the new virtual environment would offer the same level of resilience and the same high service level agreements to the business. Also crucial was that there could be no interruption to the business – the migration had to be totally seamless and not impinge on the user experience in any way.” 

Download the 'Imperial Tobacco' case study PDF [138 KB]

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