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  4. AVITA Resort gains from the availability around the clock ensured by the ETERNUS DX200 storage cluster

AVITA Resort gains from the availability around the clock ensured by the ETERNUS DX200 storage cluster

"The new storage cluster works perfectly, and we can rely on it to keep the IT we use for our tills, accounting systems and building technologies running 24 hours a day."

Berthold Benedek Authorized Signatory and Head of Marketing and HR, AVITA Resort Bad Tatzmannsdorf

A storage cluster at the AVITA Resort ensures that its accounting, booking and building technology systems remain available around the clock.


Nestled in the heart of the rolling Südburgenland hills, you’ll find the AVITA Resort Bad Tatzmannsdorf. It has been one of the most successful companies in the Burgenland region’s tourism industry for more than 20 years, employing some 130 people. The attractive outdoor area, complete with natural bathing pond and integrated adventure pool, positions the AVITA Resort as a year-round destination. The Resort’s hotel complex is characterized by its distinctive warm colors, stylish fittings and tasteful ambience.


The multi-award-winning AVITA Resort Bad Tatzmannsdorf in Austria’s Südburgenland region – around an hour’s drive from Vienna – not only relies on its thermal springs for its business, but also on the continuous availability of the IT behind its till, accounting and building technology systems. Were any of these to fail, the resort could suffer serious financial losses.


A storage cluster split across two sites ensures high availability. If the hardware at one location fails, the other storage cluster takes over immediately. The infrastructure can now cope with the demands of the resort’s till systems, office landscape and building technologies.


  • Failproof IT for all applications
  • 24/7 service with four hour restoration times for business-critical systems
  • Consistent IT infrastructure for all applications

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