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  4. FUJITSU CELSIUS R930 Workstations give ELBIT the graphic processing power they need

FUJITSU CELSIUS R930 Workstations give ELBIT the graphic processing power they need

"Creating gigapanoramas, a picture made up of billions of pixels, is only possible on powerful hardware with the right amount of RAM as well as fast processors and disks. The FUJITSU CELSIUS R930 Workstations with an NVIDIA K2000 graphics card, which we have been using for the last year, meets the highest requirements of computing power and reliability."

Radosław Piotrowski, Owner, ELBIT

The customer

ELBIT R. i M. Piotrowski was set up in 1996 and is involved in advanced photography projects such as FanTag and Pano360. FanTag is a project that creates a marketing solution which allows the organizers and sponsors of events, at both mass events as well as smaller ones, to display very high-resolution images online.

Pano360 is a project that uses VR photography (spherical, cylindrical panoramas, flat gigapanoramas, panoramic coverage, panoramic aerial photography, stereographic photography, 360×180 spherical video). The use of the latest imaging technology enables high-resolution spherical panoramas to be created.

The challenge

ELBIT specializes in the creation of gigapanoramas – images consisting of billions of pixels, which, thanks to being able to zoom in very close, are ideal for presenting vast scenic panoramas of cities and landscapes. The creation of these images requires the powerful computing power of computers equipped with the most powerful processors, lots of RAM and with huge disk spaces for data storage.

The solution

ELBIT uses FUJITSU CELSIUS R930 Workstations – an efficient, dual processor computer with an Nvidia K2000 graphics card, four RAID 1TB drives and 128GB of RAM. The latest technology and the best components make this model ideal for particularly demanding applications such as Autopano Giga that is used in ELBIT.

The benefit

  • Computing performance required to create gigapanoramas and other advanced graphic applications
  • Use of effective processor configurations and high-capacity drives
  • Very good price/value ratio
  • High reliability

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Read the full ELBIT case study (287 KB/A4, 2 pages)