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Архивное содержание

Примечание: это архивная страница, и ее содержимое, скорее всего, устарело.


Save money and reduce demand on raw material

When a product reaches end-of-life for one customer, that life can just be beginning for another. Fujitsu’s return, recycling and trade-in programs provide a range of opportunities for the IT industry to save money and also reduce the demands of vital raw materials.

A product which has been well designed, for example to the Fujitsu Eco-Design guidelines, can be more effectively and efficiently re-cycled than one which has not. Hence the importance of Fujitsu’s overall Environmental policy when managing the complete lifecycle of an IT product – from the cradle to the grave.

The remarketing, reuse and recycling of Fujitsu products has taken place at the company’s facility in Paderborn, Germany, since 1988. At Paderborn, approximately 20 percent of Fujitsu-branded equipment is reused and, currently, only three percent is disposed of. The processes of this facility far exceed the requirements set out in the WEEE directive (Waste on Electrical and Electronical Equipment).