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Message from the CEO

Promoting Digital Co-creation by Cutting-Edge Technologies
for the Happiness of People and Societal Development


This year, Fujitsu Laboratories will celebrate the 50th anniversary. Our company was established in 1968 as an organization independent from Fujitsu Limited for conducting the world's top-level technological development in a free atmosphere for researchers. In our company's history, we have produced a lot of innovative results through IT and have been leading the world by providing new values to the people, society and businesses. This great achievement was brought by "the DNA of Fujitsu," which is a forward-looking attitude to keep trying to cause the transformation. The growth of the Fujitsu Group has been driven by this frontier spirit and our corporate philosophy to value this attempt.

Today, the world is changing at unprecedented high speed, and in this situation the role of IT is changing drastically. I feel that this trend is also seen in our research and development activities. We cannot make a major breakthrough if we only pursuing the high performance based on the extension of the conventional technologies. I think the role of IT from now on is to solve various societal problems by generating trailblazing technologies. Fujitsu has to keep creating new values that meet the needs of the times and the society, and keep transforming its mode of business. And, cutting-edge technologies are the keys for achieving this aim.

With this background, we are convinced that Fujitsu Laboratories' mission is to promote the research and development on cutting-edge technologies for solving societal problems based on the prediction of the future and world trends. Deploying these technologies into the society, we will explore new business opportunities and drive the growth of the Fujitsu Group.

We recognize that the changes of the world by technologies will be achieved based on the following three visions. The first is that the "Knowledge sharing" and "Quick decision-making" through digital technologies will facilitate new value creation and sustainable growth of companies. The second is that "Human creativity" and "Digital technology" will enhance people's abilities and change their work styles, and bring about the world where each person can play important roles in various fields with delight. The third is that we will create a system to reform societal regulations with breakthrough digital technologies, and to generate "Evolvable values and societal structures" with "Open eco-systems." Based on these visions, we will strategically push forward with our research and development activities by setting up our innovative technological fields.

We believe that the mission of IT is to support the people in enhancing their performance maximally and to provide them completely new experiential values, i.e., customer experiences. Based on this principle, we will empower the people and enrich their daily lives. While IT is becoming to be used widely in the society and the range of its role is expanding, we cannot deny the fact that people are not only enjoying its convenience but are anxious about its unimaginable effects. Especially, concerning the matters related to the fear of a loss of human life, there has been a lot of discussion about its safety. Therefore, it is necessary for us not to completely rely on IT but to control these IT-based societal systems on their center to make human-specific flexible decision-making or responsible judgment. Fujitsu will develop human centric advanced technologies orchestrating human power and IT and provide secure products and services to the society. This is the essence of our concept about Human-in-the-loop which we are aiming to realize.

In order to solve diversified societal problems around the world, Digital Co-creation is indispensable. We have to predict what is required in the future world and how we should deploy the technologies into the society for creating businesses and services that match the customer needs and values. For this aim, we have to keep watching what is going on in the society and visit the actual sites to talk with field workers for finding their needs in the course of our research and development. With this goal in mind, we are proceeding with global open innovation with universities, research institutions and companies. Combining the world's outstanding insights and ideas with our technologies and experiences, we can produce synergy.

We have inherited the Fujitsu's DNA of researcher spirit ― "Sharing the pleasure of discovery" and "Shaping tomorrow with you" ― as our driving force for innovation, and will continue making efforts to open new possibilities. Considering our role in the next decade, or even until our company's centennial, we will propel the growth of the Fujitsu Group by achieving the "Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-creation" in collaboration with our customers and bring about a prosperous future for the happiness of people all over the world.

Hidenori Furuta
Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP
Head of Technology Solutions Business & CTO, CIO