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Fujitsu Enterprise Cloud Service K5

K5 offers a single enterprise cloud platform to simplify digital business transformation

Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is a next generation cloud platform, specifically created to enable efficient, easy and cost effective enterprise level digital transformation. 
The benefits of K5 include:
  • a universal platform, consolidating workloads to increase operational efficiency
  • an open platform, maximizing interoperability
  • integration of legacy systems with new technology, saving money
  • enterprise-class - 99.99% availability and performance predictability across the technology stack
K5 supports OpenStack, VMware and Bare Metal, and is the platform of choice for a broad range of IT services. Our highly flexible platform includes network, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Unlike other vendors typically offering cloud services in collaboration with third-party partners, we deliver our end-to-end enterprise cloud services using our in-house expertise and knowledge. We give you the technologies, tools, services and partnerships you need to support digitalization and modernization across your entire organization.
Today customers demand access to data and services at any time, from any location and on any device. To be able to meet these demands, whilst at the same time improving operational efficiency, saving on costs and growing into competitive new markets, you are required to modernize.
With Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, you can modernize, become digitally enabled and transform your existing IT environment. You can integrate your legacy systems with enterprise cloud solutions, to get value out of your existing IT investment while taking advantage of new technology.

Why choose Fujitsu Cloud Service K5?

Operational efficiency. Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 helps enterprise customers achieve the operational efficiencies the market increasingly expects: lower costs, faster responsiveness and pay-as-you-go models. Designed in-house and built on our expertise with the open-source OpenStack, K5 offers you a cloud platform optimised for cost-efficient operations. K5 makes it faster and easier to deploy digital solutions. Globally standardized open source technologies for providing public and private cloud services, deliver a cost-effective, universal platform for successful digitalization projects. It enables multiple deployments including virtual private hosted, dedicated cloud, public cloud and on-premises IT. By connecting cloud-based and legacy IT systems through Hybrid IT, workloads can be consolidated onto a single platform to improve efficiency. When deploying your workloads to the Cloud, you can reduce capital expenditure as fixed costs become variable and you can pay as you use.
Digital transformation. Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 enables modernization, improved interoperability and innovation. It is designed to let users build and deploy new digital services fast and easy. K5 offers unprecedented application support to simplify digital transformation. We offer essential platform services that include tools, dashboards and execution environments to enable the fast delivery, operation and maintenance of IT systems.
Hybrid IT. The new reality for organizations today is that they need to embrace Hybrid IT – a combination of legacy IT along with public, private and managed cloud services. The proper Hybrid IT approach allows you to get the most from your existing IT while being ready to expand into new areas. Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 makes it easy and cost-effective for companies to embrace Hybrid IT. Built with the expertise, experience and knowledge we’ve gained, K5 gives you a safe, secure model for hybrid IT
Competitive edge. Our digital services enable you to quickly set up proof-of-concept, to give you an edge in highly competitive markets. As K5 has the same architecture, whichever cloud platform you choose, you can move from test and development to production, without having to re-test. New ideas can be cost-effectively tested, and successes can either be scaled out on the same platform as your proof-of-concept, or moved onto another K5 platform that has the governance and security you need.
Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is the engine of the Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc. MetaArc is our way of delivering digital transformation. It is our foundation for digital business that brings together everything an organization needs to digitalise with confidence. Find out more about MetaArc >>



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