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Network Adapter EmulexOCe14102-NT

As a member of the OCe14000 network adapter family the “Fujitsu OCe14102-NT” offers a high performance networking solution, which perfectly fits for virtualization, enterprise cloud and datacenter tasks. The difference - in contrast to the Emulex OCe14102 adapter - is the use of the RJ45 connector type. This connector is compatible with CAT6/6A/7/7A twisted pair cabling standards for a maximum 10Gb strong Ethernet connectivity at very low costs. The NIC only adapter OCe14102-NT focusses on cloud functions; it can thus not handle the storage off-load functions (iSCSI and FCoE) of a Converged Network Adapter.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Superior network scalability - 10GbE bandwidth on common software platform
  • Maximizes server hardware ROI with high virtual machine density
  • Powerful Overlay Networking offloads (NVGRE and VXLAN)
  • Address the requirements of virtual machine (VM) mobility and massive scaling of Layer 2 subnets inside private or hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Stateless TCP/IP offloads
  • Provides the bandwidth needed for slot constrained server platforms

Technical details

Controller SiliconEmulex Engine XE100
Connector typeRJ45
Bus transfer rate8GT/s
- IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T
- IEEE 802-3ab 1000BASE-T
- IEEE 802.1Q virtual LANs (VLAN)
- IEEE 802.3x Flow control with Pause frames
- IEEE 802.1Qbg Edge Virtual Bridging
- IEEE 802.1Qaz Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS);
Data Center Bridging Capability Exchange (DCBX)
- IEEE 802.1Qbb Priority Flow Control (PFC)
- IEEE 802-1AX Link Aggregation/LACP
- IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
- IEEE 802.1Qau Congestion Notification
DCE/CEE Support:
- IEEE 802.1Qbb Priority Flow Control (PFC)
- IEEE 802.1Qaz Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS)
Data Center Bridging Capability
Exchange (DCBX)
- IEEE 802.1Qau Congestion Notification (QCN)



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