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The Fujitsu USB SCR 3500A is a folding SmartCard reader dongle about the size of a typical flash drive. It offers SmartCard based security for any computer without a built-in reader. The small size is ideal for rollout of the technology via post to geographically distributed employees.

Technical details

Required interfaceFree USB port
Weight10 g
Dimensions (W x D x H)48 x 20 x 12 mm
Technical specificationHost: USB,CCID compliant,USB Bus powered device,EMV 2000 Level 1,Smart Card contact:,T=0, T=1 protocol support,Memory card support through SCM MCARD API,Communication speed up to 344 kbps,Support ISO 7816 Class A, B and C smart cards,8 contacts - ISO 7816 location,Friction contact, 100.000 insertions,Software API: PC/SC and CT-API (thru wrapper on top of PC/SC)
Features and functionsCompact and lightweight dongle form-factor card reader,Accepts cards in ID1 format (ISO8716),CCID compliant,Compliant with all major SmartCards and relevant industry standards,Ideal for post mailing
Supported operating systemsWindows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10



  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Industry Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Fujitsu Cloud Solutions

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