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Fromtis partners with Fujitsu to Develop Rapid and Flexible Cloud-Based Solutions

"The structure offered by Fujitsu allows growth in line with the customer’s needs. In addition, it’s always running on the best machines they have."

Milton Bressa & Edmar Pissardo, Director Partner, Fromtis

In Fujitsu, Fromtis found the right partner to develop rapid and flexible cloud-based solutions for its customers in the financial sector.


Fromtis, Serviços de Tecnologia Ltda., is a company focused on technological solutions, products and services for the financial market, specializing in capital markets. Based in São Paulo, it is a leader in the processing and control of Credit Right Investment Fund (CRIF) fiduciaries. It also provides legal products, (Bacen 3040 and CVM 489), CIP C3 and management reports, and develops specific products to meet demand from the investment fund management market.


To respond to customer requirements, Fromtis looked for a partner to provide a cloud-based infrastructure that would guarantee good performance from the IT applications it sells to companies in the financial sector, who wanted to reduce space and investment without compromising security.


The partnership with Fujitsu allowed Fromtis to offer various cloud service options to its customers, improving the performance of its products and guaranteeing that they comply with the financial sector’s legal requirements.


  • Servers located in Brazil facilitate audits
  • Provide high-performance information processing that is scalable, secure and has high availability
  • Rapid equipment and service updates
  • Support for business expansion


Read the full Fromtis case study (594 KB/A4, 2 pages)