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  5. Gunsan City Hall benefits from the new virtual desktop infrastructure based on PRIMERGY blades, ETERNUS DX and VMware

Gunsan City Hall benefits from the new virtual desktop infrastructure based on PRIMERGY blades, ETERNUS DX and VMware

"Desktop virtualization enables people in affiliated organizations, as well as Gunsan City Hall, to connect to the cloud PC at any time, from anywhere, to enable efficient work processes, improving productivity."

Deokha Park, Assistant Manager Information and Communication Division Gunsan City Hall

Gunsun City Hall introduced a Fujitsu server and storage VDI platform to enable efficient and flexible anytime, anywhere access while reducing security risks.


Gunsan City is in the northwestern part of Jeollabukdo, Korea, and has a population of around 300,000 people within an area of 681.15 km2. New Gunsan-si was founded in 1995 through the integration of Gunsan-si and Okgu-gun as an urban-rural integrated city and has been focusing its resources on the execution of various city projects with the goal of building an ‘Economy-Oriented High Standard City of North East Asia’. The city employs a total of 1,400 civil servants.


Gunsun City Hall wanted to replace its PCs with a more cost-effective, secure solution to address the risk of leakage or loss of information due to external hacking, computer viruses and computer failure. The organization had a limited budget and office space so needed a sleek, elegant solution.


The city chose multiple FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY models running VMware Horizon View VDI solution for the new desktop virtualization project. This now supports 1,800 devices, each of which can securely access critical information regardless of location.


  • Duplex configuration with redundancy provides stable services while 24/7 monitoring alerts in the event of issues
  • 24x365 availability without service interruption as data can be accessed from anywhere at any time
  • Productivity of administrative workers has been improved through enhanced communication and collaboration


Read the full Gunsan City Hall case study (554 KB/A4, 2 pages)



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