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Responsible Business

"When engaging with our customers, we take a long-term view. We look ahead for both the sake of our own people and our stakeholders. We have several responsibilities as a company. In Fujitsu, we look at delivering great service for our customers, supporting the innovation of our Society with the Human Centric approach, driving the digital transformation of our Clients, achieving strong results and being responsible in everything we do. For us, being a responsible business carries the same imperative as our commercial and legal objectives. We are responsible for our employees and their families, and work in close alliance with partners, customers and suppliers. In everything we do, we operate in a sustainable way with respect for our stakeholders. Fujitsu's ambition is to drive efficiencies in customers' organizations by delivering excellent IT infrastructures and innovative solutions. This should help them meet their own business outcomes, and their mission as a member of society. "

Patrizia Fruzzetti, Head of Sales, Fujitsu Italy

Our Approach & the Fujitsu Way

Across Fujitsu globally we recognise that when implemented correctly and genuinely, responsible and ethical behaviours create shared value. Responsible Business has been a substantial part of the Fujitsu Way (our corporate philosophy) since its inception, and therefore to our company DNA. It is genuine and longstanding, and our practice has been recognised and applauded externally in many benchmarks and indices

Our approach, and framework, outlined below, fully aligns to our global policy and vision of President Tanaka

Our Framework

Fujitsu in Italy manages the IT infrastructure that keeps large and middle-sized companies running consistently and securely. Fujitsu solutions are designed to contribute substantially to the social and ‘green’ goals of most public and private organizations. Fujitsu Italy we look to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our impact on the environment as a whole. We therefore work with LifeGate Energy, who supplies natural gas and 100% certified Zero Impact energy to over 1000 clients throughout Italy and we invest in the recovery, reuse, recycling and treatment of WEEE (The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment).
Fujitsu Italy aims to tackle the issues that impact society and contribute positively to local communities especially with Digital Exclusion and Social Action activities. Fujitsu Italy supports selected organizations like Informatici Senza Frontiere and A.B.C. Associazione Cri du Chat on relevant aspects of digital exclusion to enable people who don’t have access to technology or are unsure how to use it to their advantage. In 2015 it started a collaboration with Fondazione Adecco, a non-profit Organization that develops projects in partnership with private and public companies to encourage the work inclusion of people with social disadvantage.

Our customers

Our work with the Public Sector
We are supporting the modernization of several important governmental organizations. Besides services, the framework agreement that Fujitsu has with the central government since 2007 provides for essential end user services, servers, storage and client hardware while guaranteeing uptimes that are above market standards. We deliver end user management and data center services as well as products to local administrations and support their primary sustainability goals, ranging from social themes (people) to environmental themes (recycling, energy efficiency). We understand that working with government agencies and officials means that our operations and employees must apply the highest ethical standards and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In particular, we apply a “Modello di Organizzazione e Controllo” which is designed to ensure transparency, accuracy and compliance with rigorous standards.

Fujitsu’s Work for the Private sector
We work with clients in several markets, particularly financial services, transport and distribution, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, utilities and other sectors in order to support them in the modernization of the IT and in their Digital transformation process. We offer our customers energy efficient solutions which cut their environmental footprint, and impact the bottom line. We consider the energy efficiency of our solutions as one of our biggest assets, and often engage with our customers on how technology can reduce their environmental footprint.



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