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Jobs, apprenticeship & more

Ways of joining Fujitsu Technology Solutions

There are several ways to join Fujitsu Technology Solutions. We work placement positions and student jobs as well as entry-level positions for professionals. Find out which is the right approach for you and send off your application today!


Whether you are getting started or already a specialist or a manager, you can expect challenging tasks in our dynamic and international environment.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions knows that the success of a company can only be achieved together. "As much hierarchy as necessary, as little as possible" is our approach to supporting work in project teams and working groups which integrate individual employees into the company structure in a manner that is as effective and flexible as possible. A structure that is characterized by responsibility and good internal communication. As a company we are required to act in a successful and prudential way in the long term. Securing the future therefore also ranks high in the qualification of our employees. We offer interesting development opportunities to dedicated specialists and managers, who are willing to assume responsibility and whose performance and potential are key factors. In this way, we nurture our employees in extensive in-house development programs. We also offer competitive working conditions with salaries that meet the high standards of the company

Does a career with Fujitsu Technology Solutions appeal to you?

Click on our online job site or send your application to


School time passes by – what about the time after? Choose a vocational education rather than a combination of academic studies and occupation? Often it’s not easy to find the right way for the vocational future.

Fujitsu offers various kinds of apprenticeships ensuring a profound education highly adapted to every single occupational profile. The combination of theory and practical exercises guarantees an outstanding and intensive education.

While the University of Cooperative Education or rather the vocational school offers mainly theoretical knowledge, the active cooperation at the workplace ensures that practical knowledge during your apprenticeship is obtained.

The active participation in various teams of colleagues and departments enables you to gather a wide range of practical insights and work experiences. Our skilled personnel and dedicated mentors will support you at any time leading you through the vast and interesting professional life.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship training position in our company, please have a look at our online job exchange ( or send your application documents to!


Still studying, but already interested in joining Fujitsu Technology Solutions?
To enable students to have a perfect mix between theory and practice we have created a number of opportunities where you can get to know our company better, for example, in work placement or as a student. Find out about the opportunities we have for students about to sit their diplomas.

These opportunities provide you both with an insight into the day-to-day business and involvement in various projects and the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice and become more acquainted with the company culture of Fujitsu Technology Solutions.
  • Work placement

    A successful course of studies will give you many good options on the job market, but what use is theory without the relevant practice? With us you have a chance to acquire the practical know-how you need to ultimately give you a head start in your career.

    Working with us you can test what you have learnt, gain important experience and extend your horizons - all within our international environment.

    Click on our online job site or send your application to

  • Degree thesis

    Are you planning to write a practice-oriented and pioneering degree thesis?
    Send us your proposed topic and convince us that you have already researched the subject of your degree thesis and are looking for a challenge. If your proposed subject convinces our specialists, because we are also currently dealing with the topic, the outcome could be cooperation from which both sides benefit. The prerequisites you bring to the table are commitment and independence and we will support you by providing the right contacts in our company.
    Talk to us and your university tutor so that we can agree on a possible cooperation based on your expectations.

  • Student jobs

    Our business divisions are always on the lookout for interested and dedicated students from various fields.
    Would you like to work between 10 and 20 hours a week during your course of studies in order to help us in various activities and projects? Then we are the right people to ask.

    We will give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during your studies and at the same time gain practical experience.
    Flexible working hours go with the job.

    Click on our online job site or send your application to



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