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FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack

Getting your IT ready for the digital business era

The “digital first” imperative is increasingly becoming a reality in those enterprises seeking to transform business models in order to enable innovation, new revenue streams and a better customer experience. The cloud is the ideal platform because it is agile enough to adapt quickly to the challenges of digital business initiatives.
And OpenStack is the fastest growing cloud management platform; it is cost-effective, open, flexible and massively scalable. Originally positioned as a best fit infrastructure for cloud-native applications, OpenStack meanwhile has evolved to the de-facto-standard of an open common management platform for hybrid cloud infrastructures regardless of the type of workloads.

However, there are various risks that can impact time lines and budgets in the implementation phase of a complex cloud infrastructure project. You need to make sure that enough skilled resources are on board for the design, build and deployment phases – and later on you also need to take care of maintenance and the ongoing innovation of the complete technology stack.

FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack

To mitigate those risks, Fujitsu introduced with PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack an integrated system including a range of validated reference architectures that provide customers with a smooth transition into OpenStack. PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack combines a high-performance and energy-efficient Fujitsu hardware stack, choice of leading OpenStack platforms from Red Hat and SUSE, one stop support and a comprehensive professional service portfolio – all in one solution package. A range of optional validated software and hardware extensions on top of the core PRIMEFELX for OpenStack platform complete the offering. PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack is the fastest way to deploy a highly flexible, cost-effective and scalable OpenStack cloud platform.

FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack

Turn your OpenStack infrastructure into a hybrid cloud with Fujitsu Software Enterprise Service Catalog Manager.

PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack - Your benefits

Fujitsu supports you through every phase in your transformation to a OpenStack cloud platform that meets the requirements of your digital business initiatives with the following:
  • Start small and grow as you go based on validated reference architectures providing a proven foundation for OpenStack
  • Select the OpenStack environment that best fits your needs leveraging OpenStack platforms from Red Hat and SUSE
  • Gain improved operational efficiency with a broad range of value-add extensions on top of the core OpenStack platform
  • Profit from seamless integration into the overall OpenStack ecosystem with our multi-cloud management platform
  • Reduce deployment risk and gain fast time to production with our on-site deployment service
  • Reduce maintenance efforts with our single point of contact for support approach

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