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  4. Client Virtualization and Exemplary Support at AmpegaGerling

Client Virtualization and Exemplary Support at AmpegaGerling

More than perhaps any other branch, the finance sector depends on reliable performance and system stability. AmpegaGerling, the Financial Services provider of Talanx AG, based in Cologne, has been one of the first in its branch to successfully implement the virtualization of its client landscape. Prior to this, each of the traders used a desktop PC loaded with a range of special applications that run simultaneously and are also hooked up to two 22-inch displays. For at AmpegaGerling, one of the largest independent asset management companies in Germany, each trader must be able to keep an eye on stock market charts, news tickers and video streams – all at once. The goal was to reduce the amount of downtime and to improve performance.,


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