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SSP EUROPE GmbH: Fujitsu Cloud Store

"Fujitsu’s Cloud services enable us to focus on our core business: to develop software without having to provide the specialized know-how to set up and operate high-security data centers."

Dr. Dieter Steiner CEO, SSP EUROPE GmbH

Secure Service Providing

SSP EUROPE specializes in "Cloud services“ for businesses and corporations. The range goes from Exchange Services via data exchange services and online backup all the way to security services such as Web and mail security. With the concept of Secure Service Providing, SSP EUROPE GmbH started with five employees as a spin-off from A.P.E. GmbH in 2008. A.P.E. was in business since 1993 and SSP EUROPE ‘s CEO Dr. Dieter Steiner had been working on Cloud Computing projects for years at that company. In 2013 SSP EUROPE is looking back at a track record in the highly competitive Cloud services market. The company has grown to 55 employees at locations in Munich, Regensburg, Bilbao and Vienna and renowned enterprises that are listed at NYSE, FTSE and DAX are among their customers.

Worthwhile Extension of the Software-as-a-Service Model

Even before using the platform of the Fujitsu Cloud Store, SSP EUROPE and its clients were already familiar with the topics Software-as-a- Service and Cloud services. Fujitsu Cloud Store’s Web portal, which offers a variety of business solutions from Independent Software Vendors, further simplifies the access to these security solutions as the subscriptions can be custom-tailored to the user’s individual needs. Furthermore, SSP EUROPE’s software requires little training, which is also a good fit in combination with the Fujitsu Cloud Store. Both, SSP EUROPE’s products and the Fujitsu Cloud Store are very easy to use.

Two of SSP EUROPE’s products within the cooperation were so well received by Fujitsu that they are now offered in the Store under the names Fujitsu Cloud Secure Space and Fujitsu Cloud Exchange. Fujitsu Cloud Secure Space lays the foundation for the secure and reproducible exchange of data and the distribution of confidential documents. Fujitsu Cloud Exchange is a professional groupware and mail communication solution based on Microsoft Exchange 2010. Its third product, SSP Secure Online Backup, facilitates encrypted backups of PCs, notebooks and servers. In the fall of 2012, SSP Secure Data Space has won the audience award of the magazine Computerwoche as best Cloud project among 30 finalists.

Not only the audience at the Best in Cloud event, but also their customers feel confident about the strong partnership between SSP EUROPE and Fujitsu. Client Völkl Sports for instance uses the service Fujitsu Cloud Secure Data Space. This traditional enterprise manufactures skis, snowboards and clothing and is pressing its developments ahead in the alpine World Cup of Skiing and in the area of professional free skiing and snowboarding. Client MEILLERGHP is coming from a completely different industry. The dialogue marketing agency is subscribing to Fujitsu Cloud Secure Data Space and Fujitsu Cloud Exchange.


  • Marketing support by an internationally renowned IT enterprise with a strong brand via the Fujitsu Cloud Store
  • Creation of innovative Software-as-a-Service business models in less than a week
  • Enhanced data security due to certified Fujitsu data centers – outage and access protection as well as 24/7 service
  • No upfront investment in hardware and therefore effortless scalability of their own solution
  • Existing infrastructure can be used without much programming effort

Products and Services

  • Fujitsu Cloud Store (market place for Software-as-a-Service)
  • Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (high-security data center for Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

Reducing the Investment

SSP EUROPE was lined up for a significant investment. In its own data center, hardware needed to be replaced and also extended in order to grow with the increasing requirements of the company’s customers. Such an investment is not a one-shot deal. An average life of servers of 36 months means that such a decision has to be made every three to four years. It is the very nature of a flexible offer to customers, not to be able to make exact predictions regarding their upcoming needs. In addition, SSP EUROPE as a software vendor is outside their core competencies when dealing with hardware procurement. This being said, Dr. Dieter Steiner and his team were looking for an alternative to extending their own data center. Planning and investment aspects and most of all security as the key issue of a Secure Service Provider were important factors for the decision to outsource their own infrastructure including customer data and –infrastructure.

Highest Security Standards at the Cloud Data Center in Germany

From their short list the company chose Fujitsu. As an IT provider with worldwide operations Fujitsu meets the requirements in regards to security even better as SSP EUROPE’s own data center. Fujitsu’s six Global Cloud data centers are located in Europe (Germany, UK), the USA, Asia (Singapore, Japan) and Australia and rank among the world’s most secure data centers.

All solutions of SSP EUROPE and its customers run on servers at a data center near Heilbronn. This means that the strict data security laws of Germany apply, which are of the utmost importance to SSP EUROPE and its customers. They are also necessary to meet regulatory requirements. Additional criteria for this decision were access and outage protection as well as certification that only a big corporation with world-wide operations is able to maintain at the highest level.

Customer Völkl Sports appreciates the aspect of high security. Gerold Fath, IT Manager at Völkl Sports says: "As a subsidiary of the Jarden corporation, which is listed on the US stock exchange, we are subject to extensive restrictions in operating our IT, SOX among others. Our partnership with SSP EUROPE and Fujitsu enables us to fulfill those very important requirements regarding privacy protection, data security and IT compliance with ease.“

Fujitsu’s Brand and a Strong Partner in the Cloud

For SSP EUROPE there was an additional reason when choosing an appropriate partner, to go for a big and internationally operating corporation: Not only the infrastructure of its data centers was important for the company, but also being able to market their solutions on an international platform with an established brand that enjoys high recognition. "The reach and importance of a global brand such as Fujitsu’s was an important factor for us to get the word of our solutions out”, says CEO Dr. Dieter Steiner.

Migration within a Short Period of Time

Teams on both sides have installed the software within days on the Fujitsu Cloud Store. The solution is now scalable without any problems and SSP EUROPE can grow together with its customers’ requirements nationally and internationally. The company does not need to provide the know-how to operate a data center and keep it up to date.


Read the full SSP Europe Gmbh case study (275 KB/A4, 2 pages)