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Data Center Services

Making your data center fit for business

Many IT organizations face a number of data center challenges: to deliver the right IT service levels to users, provide IT infrastructure quickly to support new business initiatives, reduce operational costs, lower environmental impact and ensure IT compliance with legislation and regulations. These objectives can be hard to achieve without specialist assistance.

We can help you realize your goals. With our practical advice, you can chart the best way forward, building on our experience as one of the world’s largest data center service providers.

At each step of your journey, our resources are on hand to complement your in-house expertise. We work with you to optimize IT infrastructure, IT control centers or data centers. Alternatively, we can manage your IT systems and data centers to achieve the service levels and efficiencies you require.

Why choose Fujitsu to manage your data center?

  • As a leading global provider, we have thousands of experienced professionals in IT infrastructure, IT management and data center operations. 
  • Our project teams have transformed hundreds of data centers, IT control centers and many thousands of IT systems. 
  • We have IT control centers around the globe, managing IT systems in customer data centers and equipment rooms, providing the right blend of local knowledge, automation and offshore efficiency. 
  • We have 13 strategic data centers, over 40 national data centers and 7 Trusted Cloud Centers spanning every region of the world and serving customers in all major countries.