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Core Pacific - Yamaichi

Financial Services Data Center and Unified Communications Seamlessly Migrated with One-Stop Shop ICT Solution

Core Pacific - Yamaichi


  • Financial Services

Offering Groups:

  • Consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Financial Systems
  • Systems Integration

Solution Areas:

  • Financial Solutions
  • Legacy Migration
  • Voice Over IP


  • Hong Kong


  • Financial services IT and telecommunications systems must be fully operational at all times to support the instantaneous needs of modern day traders and financial analysts.
  • To cope with CPY’s business development, the company is looking to enhance its ICT facilities and minimize impacts from external factors such as building maintenance.
  • The increasing demand for new ICT equipment necessitated the need to move CPY’s IT infrastructure off-site.
  • The migration was particularly complex due to the deployment of an extensive communications network and IT infrastructure in full adherence to regulatory compliance.


  • Lifted overall network performance ensuring services stability and continuity.
  • Relocation completed without interruption to normal operations, all achieved within four months.
  • Increased ICT speed and quality systems leading to accelerated business growth and enhanced user satisfaction.
  • Regulatory compliance maintained in switch to new systems.
  • Fujitsu-hosted data center resulted in peace of mind, decreased capital expenditure (CAPEX), and increased resilience, helping CPY to focus on business initiatives and growth.
  • Reliability, availability, service quality and user experience are greatly enhanced

The customer

Core Pacific - Yamaichi (CPY) is a comprehensive financial conglomerate with deep roots in the Greater China region. Since its inception, it has focused on providing a broad range of financial services to the region, including global securities and futures brokerage, fixed income investment, wealth management, corporate finance, underwriting and placement, financial advisory, asset management, and other investment-related professional services.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, CPY has grown to become a comprehensive financial conglomerate with over 300 professional staff and regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Los Angeles, providing extensive global exposure and powerful sales and distribution network worldwide.

The Challenge

Speed and performance go hand-in-hand for financial services firms like CPY. Empowered by cutting-edge information and communications technology (ICT), the ever-evolving achievements in technology have transformed the financial services industry, propelling traders, analysts, and bankers to new speeds and heights.

CPY has enjoyed robust growth in recent years, resulting in an increased demand on its ICT infrastructure. Thus, a new IT office was needed to facilitate CPY's growth. However, the new ICT equipment required additional space.

CPY opted to migrate and consolidate its data center to a secondary location where a centralized management system would ensure continuous support to each function. Complicating a potential relocation was the need to include in the migration an extensive communications system. As a result, any of these migrations would require highly specialized domain knowledge to ensure a smooth transition without causing interruptions to daily operations or worse.

New equipment with a revamped network was needed in order to construct CPY's fully furnished and advanced ICT office. However, merging existing ICT equipment with new systems and migrating the entire data center seamlessly require sophisticated and experienced practitioners, which few in the market are able to provide.

The Solution

Facing this challenge, CPY engaged Fujitsu to plan and execute the migration of its data center and communications system.

Mr. Richard Chen, CEO, Core Pacific - Yamaichi, revealed, "After reviewing various service providers, we were most impressed by Fujitsu's track record in data center and their customer-centric approach. They score high in reliability according to industry’s reference and are patient to understand our needs. Few in the market gave us as much confidence in providing such sophisticated end-to-end solutions."

Fujitsu offered CPY a one-stop-shop solution, providing everything from initial consultation and services on data center migration to developing a tailor-made ICT office featuring a fully-consolidated IT network powered by state-of-the-art infrastructure and communications system. With a wealth of experience in handling complicated data center migrations, the Fujitsu team developed a well-thought out relocation road map and set out to execute their plan.

Data Center Services
The initial step taken by the team to assess the configuration of each individual data line in detail was crucial to the success of the migration. Meanwhile, in full consideration of CPY's business needs, Fujitsu ensured the migration process was seamless and not met with any disturbances to daily operations. With world-class facilities and co-location services, the CPY data center hosted by Fujitsu resulted in peace of mind and decreased capital expenditure (CAPEX).

IT Infrastructure
Powering CPY's new ICT office is the design and build of dedicated server rack cage in a secured data center environment with robust infrastructure, including FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX200, RX300, and FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX100. The Fujitsu-hosted infrastructure significantly enhanced reliability and efficiency. Additionally, the extra office space provided CPY with the flexibility to expand its on-site computing facilities as needed.

Unified Communications (UC) Solution
Given the critical role of the telecommunications network to CPY's business, Fujitsu installed a cost-effective, high availability UC solution featuring site-to-site fail-over technology. In addition, Fujitsu strategized the migration of CPY's Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) and voice recording system to a modernized IP-based voice recording solution, which consolidated its analog telephone lines into several trunk lines for easy management.

The Benefits

Fujitsu successfully completed the relocation project on time in parallel to upgrade the core network and UC system without any interruptions to normal operations, delivering the entire project in only four months. Immediately thereafter, CPY's new data center contributed to an overall enhancement in network performance.

The fully consolidated network and system, including Windows directory server and administrative functions, provided CPY with a reliable and high-performance IT system to effectively reduce its total cost of ownership.

Through Fujitsu ETERNUS NAS technology, CPY has also deployed a voice recording system with the technical readiness to expand across the operation, bringing great enhancements to speed and user satisfaction.


With the infrastructure hosted at Fujitsu's data center, CPY now enjoys a peace of mind knowing that its IT systems will operate at maximum uptime. In the event more computing capacity is needed, additional racks are available to better cope with the increase in demand. The customer can now focus their core competency on business development and growth.

Derek Yiu, General Manager, Solutions and Services Business at Fujitsu Hong Kong, explained, "The Fujitsu team is very proud to work hand-in-hand with CPY and the successful migration of its systems to the new data center. Our comprehensive one-stop-shop ICT solution has a remarkable impact on the company’s ICT transformation, and is the most seamless offering in the industry. We look forward to continuing our partnership with CPY."

"The before and after of our data center and overall IT experience is like night and day. We have not only maximized our IT reliability, but also lowered overall operating costs and users appreciate the resilience brought by the new systems. All in all, it was a great experience working with Fujitsu's veteran team of experts, and we look forward to enjoying the long term benefits from our new ICT systems and data center services," concluded Chen.

About Fujitsu Hong Kong

Fujitsu Hong Kong is a leading ICT solutions and services provider that creates value for customers through highly reliable and environmentally friendly ICT offerings. With 50 years of experience and as part of the Fujitsu Group - a global family of ICT infrastructure experts - the company has been leveraging innovation and technology in its flexible response to the unique needs of each customer. As the hub and gateway for customers exploring business opportunities in and out of China and the Asia Pacific region, Fujitsu Hong Kong is also committed to developing long-term partnership with customers. Our major customers include Cathay Pacific Airways, CHI International, CITIC Securities International, the Government of HKSAR, KGI Asia Limited, Modern Terminals Limited, Octopus, One Media Group, Pacific Coffee Company, PCCW, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Watami International Limited, and more. For further information, please visit