How will Digital Transformation Impact the Retail Industry?

Fujitsu and the future of retail

Even before the global health and economic challenges of Coronavirus pandemic, purchasing behavior has been changing rapidly. Retailers are required to understand diversified sense of values and provide experience tailored to individual needs. Fujitsu describes its vision for the future of digitalized retail services and proposes how retail and other industries will be transformed by its digital technologies.

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Megatrends in the Retail Industry

By investigating digital transformation trends in retail business, we have identified five key factors that we expect to have a major impact on the industry’s future.

Discontinuity in values and behavior of consumers
Values and behaviors of consumers change discontinuously. How will we be able to better understand consumers, offer goods and services that meet consumer needs, and build a successful customer engagement?
Regaining control of data by consumers
If consumers have the control of data, how should we maintain transparent and responsible relationships with them to use their personal data?
Diversifying relationships between people and machines
As relationships between people and machines continue to diversify, how can we deploy AI and robots to enhance customer value?
Human centric ecosystems
Cross-industry ecosystems have begun to emerge in many industries. What do we need to do to co-create human centric values in the ecosystems?
Redefining the nature of consumption
New business models such as sharing and subscription have emerged. How can we contribute to realize a sustainable society using those models?

Fujitsu and the Future of Retail

Taken together, these five megatrends amount to a paradigm shift in retail. We must transform the supplier centric model into a human centric model where consumers can obtain any kind of value they desire, anytime and anywhere . Under its “Connected Retail.” vision, Fujitsu will transform retail business with customers. We will cover our initiatives from five perspectives.

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To discover further information, please see the “Digital Transformation in Retail”.

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