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HPC Experience

High Performance Computing

Scalable performance from Technical to Supercomputing

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FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for HPC

High Performance Computing with Fujitsu HPC Cluster Solutions

High Performance Computing

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What is it all about?
High Performance Computing (HPC) impact our daily lives in many ways. HPC improves car safety enabling simulated crash tests and increases oil recovery with more accurate seismic modeling of oil reservoirs, it provides medics and scientists access into the chemistry of our bodies to help develop new drugs and therapies, and it optimizes the utilization of renewable energy sources with efficiently designed wind turbines – just to name a few examples.

For more than 30 years Fujitsu provides HPC users the computing resources they need to study scientific and technical problems on the basis of computer simulations. Our cutting-edge technologies enable them to make vital decisions, to promote product innovations, to speed up research and development, and to reduce time to market maintaining competitive advantage.

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Scalable Performance


from Technical to Supercomputing
High Performance computing tasks are not alike – nor are the requirements of users. Yet as different as they all may be, PRIMEFLEX for HPC cluster solutions from Fujitsu address the requirements at all levels: from workgroup-sized configurations up to divisional-sized HPC cluster environments based on highly reliable hardware components complemented by comprehensive services. Supported by a fully integrated and complete HPC solution stack all HPC Cluster solutions are designed to deliver application results in a shorter time.

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PRIMEFLEX for HPC Cluster Solutions


Designed to your workload specific requirements
Thoroughly designed to customers operational and workflow related requirements, PRIMEFLEX for HPC cluster solutions from Fujitsu provide an optimal price / performance ratio. Ready-to-Go delivery of HPC infrastructures guarantees rapid deployment for production and includes Intel Cluster Ready certification for proven performance and trouble-free operation. The HPC Gateway with application integration makes the use of HPC easier for experts and more broadly accessible to beginners.

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HPC Simplicity


Ease of use for Beginners and Experts
HPC Simplicity lowers entry barriers and makes HPC accessible to a much wider set of end-users, including sectors just starting with HPC. Fujitsu’s HPC Cluster Suite with its intuitive web based "desktop" guides users through their daily tasks eliminating the complexity of using HPC resources and leading to improved user productivity. PRIMEFLEX for HPC cluster solutions from Fujitsu simplify HPC access, lower cost and risk and leverage expertise for more economic value from HPC.

PRIMEFLEX for HPC cluster solutions

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