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About Fujitsu


Corporate Profile

Introduction of our overview and directions.

Our Business Dynamic Infrastructures

Information about our business areas, principal products and services.

Our Approach to CSR

Overview of our basic stance and activities in areas such as environmental commitment, employee relations, community involvement and accessibility.

Environment Environment

Fujitsu's environmental activities.

Technology Technology

Overview of our activities in the areas of advanced technology, design and intellectual property.

  • May 7, 2014 Japan
    Fujitsu Cuts Response Times to Cyber Attacks by 97% with Japan's First Automated Detection and Process Software
    Fujitsu today announced the availability of Japan's first software to automate detection of cyber attacks and response. The software, FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Security Control, dramatically shortens the initial response time after malware has been detected to prevent damage from spreading. Also being offered is FUJITSU Security Solution Information Security Enhancement Support Consulting, which are services designed to improve the security of control systems. Both are part of the FUJITSU Security Initiative, a systematized suite of products and services that support safe and secure ICT for customers and society, with FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Security Control planned to be rolled out to other markets outside of Japan later in Fiscal 2014.
  • May 7, 2014 Japan
    Fujitsu Enhances Functions of the FUJITSU Network BroadOne LS100 Series LTE Femtocell
    Fujitsu today announced it has enhanced the functions of the FUJITSU Network BroadOne LS100 Series LTE Femtocell, a compact indoor base station with multi-mode support, the most appropriate of which can be automatically select. The product is globally available to mobile-communications carriers as of today.
  • May 7, 2014 Japan
    Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Trajectory-Analysis Technology for a Big Picture View of Person and Vehicle Flows
    Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. has developed trajectory-analysis technology that enables a big picture view of person and vehicle flows by putting trajectory data measured using GPS and other means into a form suitable for analysis.

More about Fujitsu

Various reports, including our Annual Report and Sustainability Report.

More information about History of FujitsuHistory of Fujitsu

Discover the events and innovations that have culminated to make Fujitsu a leading light in the ICT space today.

Periodicals and other Fujitsu publications.

A snapshot of recent awards we have received in areas such as the environment and technology.

Highlights of recent Fujitsu advertising campaigns in various regions/countries.

Fujitsu Logo and its history.

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