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Fujitsu Vision: Building a Human-Centric Intelligent Society

The information age has significantly inflated citizen expectations for public services. Governments around the world are transforming themselves to provide higher quality, more accessible services - enabling citizens to live in a safer and smarter society. The key is delivering services faster so that everybody benefits: the at-risk and vulnerable are better served; resources are better used, staff are more motivated.

Fujitsu’s vision is to build a human-centric intelligent society by enabling governments to focus on collaboration among people, agencies, departments and processes. Through our ICT solutions, information that has been available but never been joined up will now be better utilized, delivering better insights on citizen issues, and leveraging information as a platform for sharing services to reduce costs and duplication:

Intelligence out of Information: Fujitsu’s big data analytics expertise turns existing information into intelligence that will help governments serve better.

Saving Money: By transforming business processes and delivering a multitude of services online, our ICT solutions help governments reduce a significant amount of resources.

Agility: Being the vendor of choice for supercomputing, we enable governments to make faster responses to citizen needs. Field workers and specialists can view the bigger picture and the smallest detail, when out and about, to minimize delay in deciding on the best solution. In doing things better, governments can also commit the right resource faster, which means less time, less cost, less duplication of effort.