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Intelligent government solutions – accelerating your journey to digital

It’s time for governments worldwide to take the journey to digital, and while many have made steps forward in their transformation, the full potential of digital government remains largely untapped. We live in a digital age where outdated legacy systems with complex processes and difficult-to-use front ends are no longer acceptable. Citizens, used to seamless and connected consumer services, now expect the same from public sector organizations.

Today, governments the world over, face a raft of new challenges such as; aging populations increasing pressure on healthcare, overcoming the social implications of automation, rapid urban population growth, and issues of food sustainability. By investing now in key digital technologies such as; AI, RPA, Cyber Security, Cloud Services and IoT, you can lay the foundation for a digital future and overcome the challenges you face.

While the path to digital is often challenging, it offers many opportunities to optimize internal processes, reduce costs, and roll out new public services. By co-creating with the right technology partner, you can maximize your digital investment by strategically leveraging new technologies, as well as data and advanced analytics to optimize policies, programs, payments, and systems.

Government as a Platform

Digital transformation is the key to connecting with citizens and delivering more effective, accountable, and transparent public services. Government-as-a-Platform is a holistic approach to digitalization in which public sector organizations collaborate with private sector partners to create better outcomes and deliver more better services. A seamless range of advanced capabilities, from data analytics and AI to virtual reality and process automation makes this possible.

Through the end-to-end digital transformation of both systems and processes, governments are enabled to be more creative and efficient in their public service delivering. Using digital platforms governments can transform the citizen experience, provide faster, more convenient public services, reduce service delivery costs, and improve service agility.

Fujitsu – working with governments to create a connected society

As a world leading IT services and solutions provider, we are the right partner to support you on your digital journey. We understand that digital government transformation is about much more than putting services online, it’s equally about pre-empting citizen events - enabling autonomy, protecting data, and sharing securely.

As an organization, we are working hard to create a more connected society by helping public sector organizations harness the power of technology to improve citizens’ lives.

  • We have over 50 years of experience working with governments around the globe.
  • We have experience working with defense and national security agencies that require the highest levels of security and reliability.
  • We deliver efficient and reliable solutions that make the most of restricted government budgets.
  • We have experience transforming services to make things easier for end users while reducing operating costs.

Regardless of where you are on your digital journey, we can help you ride the next wave of digital innovation and transformation with greater agility.

Connected services and solutions - connect, collaborate and co-create with Fujitsu

At Fujitsu, we’re leaders in hyperconnected business transformation. Working in partnership with you, we co-create solutions that enable you to deliver a truly connected experience, one where citizens are empowered to interact with government departments quickly and intuitively through digitally enabled channels.

Our proven consultative approach to digitalization embraces AI, IoT, and network solutions - connecting everything from people and devices, to data and applications. By removing obstacles and providing the right tools for real-time collaboration, we help you to deliver responsive and connected services that serve your citizens more effectively.

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