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Fujitsu’s trainings cover an extensive range of products, solutions and services designed to meet even the most demanding infrastructure requirements. This includes a broad range of workplace devices as well as state-of-the-art server and storage solutions. With the Dynamic infrastructures portfolio, Fujitsu created a unique and comprehensive offering of IT products, datacenter solutions, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Managed Infrastructure Services.

Training Center Augsburg

Our Training Center in Augsburg (located at the Fujitsu R & D Manufacturing plant) is a best fitted Training Data Center with all relevant products of Fujitsu. Customers, partners and employees, who work with our products are educated and trained in our Training Center to ensure 100% quality in the implementation, administration and service of our products.

  • Training offerings: Fujitsu Portfolio trainings and trainings of our technology partner
  • New and well equipped training rooms
  • Complete selection of training hardware and software at your disposal
  • Full range of multimedia equipment
  • Parking directly in front of the location
  • Tram station close by
Our training offerings: a new window

Customized trainings

You'd like to participate in an advanced training at a point of time that fits perfectly in your timetable, with contents which consider the responsibilities of your employees?

It is our interest, to support you consistently in this point.

Individual courses for your company in the sector of technical trainings will be created for the respective audience in your company and your specific needs. We coach intimately the technical abilities of your employees, which they need to operate right at your equipment and solutions. We ensure the success of our trainings by a high experience rate.

Our coaches have a big dispose on practical experience and support you even in the run-up to training sessions by establishing the training matters exactly for your needs. We consult you with the assessment of demand and consider in cooperation with you, which further education arrangements are the most important for your success.

Thereby you can be sure, that the chosen training concepts fit your individual needs perfectly and therefore you get the optimal value.

If you are interested in training issues please contact:

Fujitsu Training Academy
Phone: +49 (821) 804-4220