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Early years: 1935 - 1980s


Fujitsu Limited was founded in Tokyo as a telecommunications equipment company, under the name Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corporation. It was a spin-off of the communications division of the Fuji Electric Company and a joint venture with the German Siemens Corporation. This is also where the name Fujitsu originated: Fu-ji-tsu is made up of Fuji Electric, Jimenzu (Siemens in Japanese) and Tsushin, the Japanese word for communication.

The 1970s:

In 1972 Fujitsu began co-development with Amdahl Corporation, then a key player in the US market. In 1978 Fujitsu began a formal cooperation with Siemens to market Fujitsu mainframes in Europe.

The 1980s:

In 1987 facilities in Augsburg opened as the most modern IT factory in Europe. The manufacturing plant has continued to be a core research, manufacturing and development facility for Fujitsu Technology Solutions and the Fujitsu Group.
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