President's Message

We face increasing uncertainty and unprecedented challenges, from natural disasters and over-crowded cities to large scale cyber-attacks. In the face of these challenges, digital technologies play an important role in building new levels of trust.

Throughout our history, Fujitsu has supported businesses and society through delivering robust and highly reliable IT systems. In our role now, as a partner addressing complex business and social challenges, we provide cutting-edge technologies that can build and drive trust in this era of digital transformation.

An example of this is our investment in Explainable AI. A unique technology that can explain the reasoning and logic behind its recommendations enabling people to improve their understanding, management and trust in Artificial Intelligence solutions.

The Dracena technology provides real-time management of data from connected cars. It has the potential to reduce traffic congestion in cities, support the growth of assisted driving and lead to the increased safety of autonomous vehicles.

Digital Annealer, the world’s first quantum inspired technology, leads the way for a much faster and more efficient solving of complex business problems. Through a digital design it uses quantum principles to solve the most challenging optimization problems in a fraction of the time that had been previously required.

By delivering these innovative digital technologies on multiple secure cloud platforms we are able to connect accumulated knowledge across functions and industries, and co-create new services and trust for our customers’ business environment.

By introducing digital technologies into the heart of business and society, we can co-create value from data and realize a safer and more prosperous society. This is our vision for a Human Centric Intelligent Society. As a service oriented company founded on delivering strong digital technologies, Fujitsu is driving a trusted future together with our customers.

April 2019
Fujitsu Limited
President and Representative Director
Tatsuya Tanaka

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