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Classic architectures soon hit their limits when organizations seek to benefit from pay-as-you-go service models, optimize their licenses and deliver users a cloud-like experience wherever they are – while still maintaining excellent enterprise security for information assets. Fujitsu offers secure, reliable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure combining frontend devices and backend technology into a single, scalable service, at a monthly rate per seat.


Staying Secure

Security is a key priority across nearly every business sector. Manufacturers need to protect R&D ideas. Healthcare providers must meet strict requirements on patient data protection. In Finance, a data breach can quite literally break the bank.



Patient data security



Patent-protected engineering solutions


New Work

Flexibility and Infrastructure Design



Ease of scalability
Granular management
Customer data security

Discover Fujitsu -based VDI-as-a-Service

We work with you to design a landscape around your business scenarios, using ready-to-deploy references at hand for quicker planning. We can take care of licenses and software – all at a monthly price per seat. Everything is from one source – there is no need to piece solutions together the DIY way. This enables you to:


Drive operation efficiency


Better manageable costs


Implement a replicable end-user experience at scale



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