Withstand uncertainty as an adaptive organization

Organizations around the world are trying to keep up with the rapid pace of change in their industry. In many cases, a combination of competitive, economic and social disruptions are threatening market positions and existences.

If this change is the only constant, then adaptability has to underpin a ‘new normal’ – and be at the front of your mind so you can grow and thrive into the future.

Two-thirds of business leaders are trying to gain an adaptive
advantage by scrapping their transformation strategy

Organizations surveyed in our international ‘Fragile to agile’ research are attempting to future-proof their organization through greater agility, speed and innovation.
64% of them are making moves to rebuild their transformation strategy, to ensure they are relevant, competitive and ready-to-react in a highly disrupted world.
Download the report and learn how to keep pace as an adaptive organization.

Expert Blog: Resilience – can your business keep up?

Expert Blog: In times of disruption,
enterprises need to be adaptive

Change will always be on the cards – so you need to build systems and processes that enable your organization to flex, scale, and thrive no matter what the market throws at you. What should underpin your strategy?

Expert Blog: Can your business
keep up with resilience?

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that big businesses can adapt quickly to change – so making the transition isn’t impossible… but how can you future-proof by getting the right balance between speed and resilience?

Best-practice: meet the trailblazers

Pandemic-accelerated transformation in the financial sector

During the coronavirus pandemic, retail banks have had to deal with dramatic shifts in customer demand and behavior, while also contending with fundamental changes in their own operations. Discover how Natwest and TSB Bank have approached advanced technologies and innovative processes to support the rapid transition needed. Read more at I-CIO »

Digitally enabled change for public services

The innovation arm of Catalonia’s regional administration is looking to technologies as diverse as RPA, AI and blockchain to transform the services it delivers. This follows the Catalonian healthcare organization enabling service continuity and remote working collaboration at rapid speed, by using solutions enabled by the VMware Cloud™ on AWS platform.

Read the Fujitsu case study »      Discover insights at I-CIO »

Creating value at speed by leaping to the future of logistics

Manufacturing and logistics companies can suddenly be faced with soaring demand and very little time to react. Discover how FedEx has jumped forward to new places on its technology roadmap to deliver ‘value at speed’ for customers; ensuring service reliability and keeping up with their surging expectations. Read more at I-CIO »

Services to support you

Fujitsu has the end-to-end expertise to enable
your move towards becoming an adaptive organization.

Discover our core services:

Hybrid IT Services and Solutions

Digital Infrastructure for a connected society

Application Services

For moving towards modern applications that maximize data and enhance experiences

More services for your adaptive future:

Workplace Services

For enabling your people to connect, collaborate and innovate at the pace they need to.

Business services

For realizing new business value through emergent and leading-edge technologies.

Security Services

For strengthening the resilience and safety of your business and data as you transform.

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Becoming an Adaptive Organisation

To find out more about transforming your business and becoming an adaptive organisation, and be better placed to survive and thrive in times of disruption visit our Adaptive Organisation website to learn more about the key transformation imperatives for an adaptive future.

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