Fujitsu Middleware Support Termination Policy

In an effort to continuously enhance and improve product offerings, Fujitsu may provide enhancements to its products in the form of version upgrades. As Fujitsu's products evolve, it may become necessary to discontinue support for earlier versions of the product and Fujitsu reserves the right to terminate support for such products.

Details of Support Duration

Support Duration
The duration for which product support is provided is determined by the version or major release of each product. The duration of support will normally terminate after a specific period has elapsed. The support period is dependent on an agreed upon contract with a customer or partner’s local Fujitsu office. Please contact your local Fujitsu support office for more details.

Reduced Support Duration
Fujitsu may also terminate product support upon discontinuation of support for other pre-requisites of the environment such as the operating system, hardware or other required components.

Extended Support Duration
Extended Support for a terminated version of a product may be available if special arrangements have been made through a contract with the local Fujitsu support office.

Fujitsu Support Program

To receive support as offered by Fujitsu, all software products must be properly licensed and the corresponding annual maintenance must be purchased and renewed without interruption.

Contact Information

For more detail about Fujitsu Middleware Support Termination Policy, please contact us.