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Beyond optimization to Always Optimal

Now more than ever, Financial Services businesses need to be as optimal as they possibly can be, not just to meet the challenges of the present and the future, but also to stand out from the competition and thrive.

That means being much better at predicting the future, preparing for it, and being able to profit from it while mitigating risk. To do that you need to be always optimal. But, that’s difficult because the number of options that must be considered for each optimization challenge are numerically vast. Even today’s fastest computers can’t deliver the computing power you need to get ahead of the game at speed. That’s because there can be more possibilities in many optimization calculations than there are atoms in the universe!

And even if you could get a good answer, by the time you have it the opportunity to profit has probably gone.

What if you could be Always Optimal?

So, the optimization benefits are clear:

Productivity gains

With systems and processes transformed to drive even higher productivity by optimizing processes, systems and assets

Greater Efficiency

Optimize your processes as often as needed, meaning you’re constantly running at maximum efficiency


By reaching a new level of business transformation in your Digital Transformation (DX) journey


Through the ability to become Always Optimal from a range of more dynamic processes, operation or environments


That your business is running at Always Optimal and there’s no more cost/outcome trade-offs, with the comfort from more accurately constrained models, that are operating efficiently


By running at Always Optimal, your organization is being a more resourceful and sustainable business

Financial Services organizations can be Always Optimal meaning they can; breakthrough challenges with confidence, drive growth, and stay ahead of both events and the competition.

Find out more how Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services empower Financial Services organizations to successfully beat the challenges of the present and the future.

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Four ways Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services makes a big difference in Financial Services

Fujitsu applies quantum-inspired technology to deliver powerful combinatorial optimization to a range of issues and needs across your business. We can run calculations and modelling at lightning speed to make a real difference to financial sector decision making. The use cases are endless:

General insurance providers can get to know more about their existing and potential customers, model products and services together with risk and price to innovate and engage with a wider range of customers in a highly competitive marketplace.

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A specialist insurer can offer a client with complex needs a much better-balanced product offering based on a deeper analysis of an array of risk priorities associated with a multi-faceted project and create a winning deal that’s priced competitively.

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Portfolio managers can maximize returns whilst minimizing risk faster and with greater accuracy by running more complex models more often to add a critical dimension to decision making hour by hour.

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Institutions can run Reverse Stress Testing (RST) much faster than ever before. The ability to deploy superpower processing means that the RST can be carried out more often, optimizing the agility and resilience of the institution as well as satisfying regulators.

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Enabling your Reverse Stress Testing to be Always Optimal

It's well understood the more frequently and effectively you reverse stress test, the more you can proactively mitigate risk by uncovering the hidden vulnerabilities to your business model. Discover how Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services will empower you to make better strategic business decisions and plan for the future.

Optimize at lightning speed

Always Optimal depends on the ability to focus lightning speed combinatorial optimization on specific areas of your business. It’s an approach that has its own immensely powerful logic. The path to Always Optimal is summarized in our infographic.

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Our mission is to ensure that your business is Always Optimal
because it is critical in a rapidly changing financial sector.

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