Managed Detection and Response

How to rapidly reduce business risk

In the current cyber security landscape, the evolving sophistication of threats demands robust defenses. As the volume and complexity of threats increase, it is crucial to leverage advanced tools and specialized expertise, addressing a gap that is often challenging to fill internally. Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, powered by the capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel, provides a suite of Technology and Service designed to identify, analyze, and enrich the response to potential security threats across your organization.

By combining technology with the expertise of our Secure Operations Centre security professionals, we actively monitor and respond to security incidents and increase efficiency by reducing the noise of false positives. Compliance demands and the need for fast action in the face of threats are managed, ensuring that serious incidents are responded to and reducing the risk of a security breach.

With Fujitsu's MDR service, you gain access to an instantly accessible, sophisticated security solution. It not only streamlines threat detection but also enhances your response capabilities, ensuring centralized visibility and a correlated view across your security infrastructure. Using technology and the expertise of our analysts, our service alleviates the burden on internal IT and cyber support functions, providing the support needed to maintain a resilient and secure environment in today's ever-evolving threat landscape.

Meet Jane

As a CISO, Jane is responsible for keeping her organization safe from cyber attacks and other threats. We understand this is a lot to handle.


Facing growing security challenges in a rapidly expanding business

Over the past year, Widget Inc. has aggressively expanded, acquiring multiple companies to enhance its competitive edge in the industry. This rapid growth, however, has not only introduced complex security challenges but has also significantly increased the volume of security alerts that are difficult to manage. Discover crucial steps for the right security strategy and execution.

Fujitsu’s MDR service – Microsoft


  • Keeping an eye on security systems all day, every day
  • Service works together with customer’s Sentinel
  • Notifications and reports to keep you informed about your security
  • Helping find out when there is a security threat on your systems


  • Getting set up and started with the security service fast
  • Security monitoring and notification systems in a way that’s made for your needs
  • Security service works well with the security tools already in use
  • Continually making iterative improvements to keep the service relevant and up to date


  • Find out quickly if there is a threat on customer systems
  • Responding fast when something is found to stop problems getting worse
  • Make it less likely an attacker will damage or steal data
  • Clearer picture how safe or at risk your security systems are

Your benefits

Increased visibility

Comprehensive understanding of security events across the entire organization so that critical threats do not go undetected.

Optimized intelligence

Centralized and correlated view of security threats against the customer estate and cloud tooling, making it easier to detect patterns and anomalies.

Automated deployment

Streamlining the setup process, reducing the time and effort required to get started and ensuring there is consistent configuration across the environments.

Rapid response capabilities

Allows for quick actions to be taken against identified threats, minimizing potential impact.

Accelerating security response and mitigating business risks

The threat landscape continues to grow in velocity and complexity. These threats pose significant risk to the daily operation of businesses.

Our MDR service is engineered to enhance the security of organizations by providing investigative analysis that not only identifies threats, but also disrupts and contains them effectively.

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Meet our experts

  • Neil Breden
    Global MDR Product Owner

  • Paul McEvatt
    Solution Lead & Head of Cyber Security Innovation

  • Ciaran Durnin
    Global Cloud & MDR Proposition Lead

Why Fujitsu

Global presence

Fujitsu's worldwide network of Delivery Centres ensuring we're always nearby


Deployed as code, the solution is data ready and returns actionable alerting within a few hours


Seamless integration with Microsoft technology and other external services


We prioritize sustainability in all our endeavors, reflecting our commitment to Sustainability

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