Fujitsu Computer Vision

Fujitsu Computer Vision

See beyond with Fujitsu Computer Vision

End-to-end image recognition solutions to automate, analyze and interpret visual data

Today, huge volumes of visual data are captured in digital images, videos and 3D data. The challenge for organizations is how to efficiently and cost-effectively optimize and extract value from this data - whether that’s gaining insight from customer behavior to optimize product placement in retail environments, manufacturing higher quality products by detecting defects on the production line, detecting fraud at self-checkouts or identifying threats in public spaces.

For organizations looking to gain actionable insight and value from their visual data, we have developed Fujitsu Computer Vision - a suite of end-to-end modular image recognition solutions that can:

  • Be flexibly implemented
  • Leverage existing on-premises infrastructure and cloud interfaces
  • Return actionable insights from the automated detection, identification, analysis and interpretation of visual data

Luxury retail brands are becoming data driven to enhance in-store consumer experiences

How can luxury retailers transform a cost center – that is, their existing CCTV security systems – into a marketing insight center, that can add value to the business, by helping luxury brands understand customer behavior, and enhance in-store consumer experiences?

White paper

How can luxury retail use data to drive in‑store performance?

In this white paper, analyst agency PAC and Fujitsu experts explore the role data and technology have in enhancing the in-store customer experience in luxury retail stores. Discover the steps luxury retailers need to take to gather better data to deliver a premium customer experience.

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Fujitsu Computer Vision - Benefits



  • Platform neutral, deployable to cloud or on-premises
  • Seamless integration with existing machine vision sensors, CCTV infrastructure, compute hardware, and software ecosystems
  • Secure Web App and APIs
Data-science friendly

Data-science friendly

  • Easy to extend and scale for lower PoC to production costs
  • Leverages understanding of domain-specific environments to generate and present algorithms and data analysis
Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy

  • Intuitive, customizable UI reduces the user learning curve
  • Use-case-specific views improve business decision making
  • Storage and processing of large data volumes in real-time


  • Continuous refinement of algorithms incorporating user expertise
  • Security, performance, and functionality through ongoing release updates


  • Predefined, yet modifiable modules to trial, prove business value and address unique customer challenges


  • Scales to support additional users, data, processes, and features over time
  • Scales across enterprise operations

Co-create with Fujitsu to solve your business challenges

Combining state-of-the-art AI algorithms with traditional computer vision technologies, Fujitsu Computer Vision solves business challenges where inspection, control, monitoring or analysis cannot be effectively performed due to cost, speed, accuracy, volume, danger or risk.

Building on our experience in image recognition, Fujitsu Computer Vision leverages the power of AI, machine learning and data to address a wide range of use cases including:

  • defect and anomaly detection
  • quality inspection and assurance
  • infrastructure monitoring
  • in-store analytics
  • fraud prevention
  • security monitoring
  • behavior analysis

Supported by a wide variety of Fujitsu technologies and tools, our expert Fujitsu Computer Vision team works with you to understand your unique business challenge and how best to overcome it using a collaborative and technology-agnostic approach.

Customer case studies

City of Montréal

City of Montréal

Smoothing traffic flows with AI analysis

Network Rail

Network Rail

Digitizing the UK national rail network

GKN Aerospace

GKN Aerospace

Augmented engineering becomes a reality

Explore our full range of Fujitsu Computer Vision use cases


  • Counting
  • Time stamps
  • Transfers between zones

Space Management

  • People and vehicle heatmaps
  • Queue management

Parking Management

  • Parking times
  • Usage rates
  • Vacancy information

Flow Analysis

  • Direction
  • Density
  • Velocity


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Vehicle type and brand


  • Smoke detection
  • Workwear and safety gear
  • Compliance

Fraud Detection

  • Turnstile fraud
  • Tailgating

Grouping Identification

  • Grouping by specific characteristics

Public Spaces

  • Abandoned objects
  • Lost children
  • Health emergencies

Traffic Management

  • Car accidents
  • Traffic jams
  • Unusual stops and anomalies


  • Social distancing
  • Store health capacity
  • Body temperature checks

In-store Management

  • Shelf interaction
  • Shelf monitoring
  • Vendor interaction


  • Customer journeys – people and vehicles

Crowd Management

  • Counterflow control
  • Sudden and panic movements
  • Unusual gatherings


  • Assault and attack detection
  • People tracking
  • Prowler detection
  • People and vehicle trespassing

Defect Detection

  • Defect classification
  • Anomaly detection
  • Measurement checks
  • Color analysis

Traceable Quality

  • Product tracking over stages
  • Identify defect occurrences

Manufacturing Analysis

  • Production optimization
  • Long-term data logging and analysis
  • Optimized equipment maintenance

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Automated asset inspection
  • Asset change detection and management
  • Optimized maintenance

Pharmaceutical Quality

  • Production process defect and anomaly detection
  • Diagnostic judgement support


Luxury brands are becoming data driven to enhance in-store consumer experiences

Luxury brands are becoming data driven to enhance in-store consumer experiences

Enhancing consumer experience has been a challenge for retail outlets facing competition from e-commerce. More so for luxury brands, where consumer purchase experiences count as much as the products as a decisive factor. Recent technological developments allow luxury brands to become data driven and help understand customer preferences.

Manufacturing QA is ripe for automation with AI-enhanced computer vision

Manufacturing QA is ripe for automation with AI-enhanced computer vision

The problem with some AI discussions is that they tend to deal with generalities. But real business is never general – it’s always specific. Within manufacturing, Fujitsu Computer Vision solves challenges where inspection and analysis cannot be performed adequately due to limited data, high accuracy requirements, risk of danger to employees, cost and speed.

How AI-automated quality control helps manufacturers become more sustainable

How AI-automated quality control helps manufacturers become more sustainable

Today, manufacturers face urgent needs to increase efficiency, reduce wastage, minimize recalls – and on top of that, make the end-to-end process more sustainable than ever. To address this make-or-break challenge, manufacturers can automate production quality control processes by combining computer vision and artificial intelligence.


White Paper: Adapting to a world in flux with smart CCTV

White Paper: Adapting to a world in flux with smart CCTV

Discover how artificial intelligence is transforming video networks into the powerful data tools we need.

Infographic: Fujitsu Computer Vision

Infographic: Fujitsu Computer Vision

Driving increased revenue and reduced costs through intelligent quality control and maintenance automation.

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