See beyond with FUJITSU Computer Vision

End-to-end image recognition solutions to automate, analyze and interpret visual data

Today, huge volumes of visual data are captured in digital images, videos and 3D data. The challenge for organizations is how to efficiently and cost-effectively optimize and extract value from this data - whether that is gaining insight from customer behavior to optimize product placement in retail environments, manufacturing higher quality products by detecting defects on the production line, detecting fraud at self-checkouts or identifying threats in public spaces.

For organizations looking to gain actionable insight and value from their visual data, we have developed FUJITSU Computer Vision: a suite of end-to-end modular image recognition solutions that are flexibly implemented and leverage existing on-premises infrastructure and/or cloud interfaces to return actionable insights from the automated detection, identification, analysis and interpretation of visual data.

Co-creating with Fujitsu to solve your business challenges

FUJITSU Computer Vision combines state-of-the-art AI algorithms with traditional computer vision technologies to solve business challenges where inspection, control, monitoring or analysis cannot be effectively performed due to cost, speed, accuracy, volume, danger or risk.

FUJITSU Computer Vision builds on our experience in image recognition and leverages the power of AI, machine learning and data to address a wide range of use cases including defect and anomaly detection, quality inspection and assurance, infrastructure monitoring, in-store analytics, fraud prevention, security monitoring and behavior analysis.

Supported by a wide variety of Fujitsu technology and tools, our expert FUJITSU Computer Vision team works with you to understand your business challenge and how best to overcome it, using a collaborative and technology-agnostic approach.

FUJITSU Computer Vision across Industries

Our computer vision technology solutions and services provide our customers increased revenue through cost reduction, higher production rates, improved product quality and enhanced customer satisfaction. In addition, productivity is increased through intelligent maintenance automation, optimized inspection and monitoring, as well as reduced waste, customer complaints and compensation costs.


FUJITSU Computer Vision in Manufacturing

From edge to cloud using existing or new machine vision sensor setups for:

  • quality control and anomaly detection
  • quality assurance and predictive maintenance
  • production floor optimization
  • employee safety and security assessment

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FUJITSU Computer Vision in the Public Sector

End-to-end image recognition solutions for maintenance automation, including:

  • infrastructure asset identification and monitoring for faults
  • preventative maintenance of city infrastructure - traffic lights, road conditions and rail equipment

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Public Sector

FUJITSU Computer Vision in Retail

Detect, track, aggregate and visualize customer and vehicle flows in real-time, including:

  • customer behavior analysis, purchase patterns, queue management and store health
  • development of personalized services and frictionless store journeys
  • product placement and target advertising optimization

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FUJITSU Computer Vision in Security

Digitally transform the use of existing CCTV infrastructure to increase citizen safety through:

  • crowd and traffic analysis
  • real-time detection, tracking and visualization of people
  • object detection such as abandoned luggage
  • aggressive behavior detection and alerts

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FUJITSU Computer Vision in Healthcare

Increase safety, reduce costs and transform processes with detection, automation and visualization for:

  • patient prescreening and measurements
  • diagnosis support
  • pharmaceutical research pattern inspection
  • quality inspection for pharmaceutical manufacturing

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