Drive innovation and growth through SAP Digital

Today, digitalization is a major driving force behind innovation and growth. The world’s digital footprint is increasing all the time, fundamentally changing how we live and work.

So great is the pace of change, that experts believe that by the year 2020, some 25 billion things – such as buildings, cars, machines and wearables – will have internet connectivity. Workers with mobile devices will be able to participate in this hyper-connected world by constantly exchanging data and collaborating with colleagues, partners, and customers.

With this change, we will experience new challenges in terms of integration, security and control, as well as the efficient and secure management of access anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Innovating with SAP LEONARDO - how Fujitsu can help.

At Fujitsu, we believe that digital co-creation is the key to unlocking the future. By working in close partnership with you, we can support and help you to create and deliver your unique vision.

By co-creating together, we can inspire innovation. Using collaborative methodologies such as Activ8 and Design Thinking, we can help you to consider the future and overcome the challenges you face on your journey to digital. We help you to focus on bringing the genius of DevOps into your business and enable you to rapidly create new products or services, test them, and take them to market, we:

  • Develop custom micro services on SAP Leonardo and Fujitsu MetaArc.
  • Reuse existing microservices and templates to accelerate the development of custom processes.
  • Develop and operate multi-cloud environments with SLA/KPI basis.
  • Master and orchestrate SaaS and PaaS solutions.

With the arrival of LEONARDO, you can achieve a holistic view of everything you do. You are empowered to leverage the benefits of both OT and IT (such as machine learning, AI, IoT and automation) on the production floor as well as in HR, finance and customer service.

Working with Fujitsu you can shape your digital future, we offer:

  • Intelligent connectivity for optimizing business processes and promoting innovation.
  • Increased user flexibility and productivity thanks to always-on connectivity
  • Secure, verifiable management of infrastructures that are becoming more complex.
  • High efficiency through extensive automation.

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