FUJITSU Software Interstage List Creator


Interstage List Creator allows easy and efficient development of business forms in various environments, such as Web and server applications. It also supports the creation of business form printing systems globally.

Interstage List Creator provides the following features:

  • Easy and Quick development
    It enables highly expressive forms to be designed, with Windows-style operability. This dramatically reduces development cost.

  • Simple, Flexible and Low-cost
    Business-form systems can be built quickly, using existing resources and environments. It is also easy to expand operations and deploy to overseas office.

  • Expand scenes of business-form application
    In addition to printing to paper, you can generate business forms in various formats, such as Excel (for secondary purposes) and PDF (for electronic distribution). High-definition barcode printing is also provided to support business operations.

  • Secure, High Speed and High Definition
    Overseas office printing, high volume of Data Center printing, Web Operation, secure form print system are provided for customers operations.

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