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Infrastructure Software


FUJITSU Software PRIMECLUSTER, high-availability clustering software, provides the maximum uptime for mission critical systems.

Fujitsu ServerView Resource Orchestrator

Fujitsu's cloud infrastructure management software, Resource Orchestrator, provides integrated and automated management that simplifies deployment, use, operation, and control, of cloud environments.

Network Optimization Software

FUJITSU Software Smart Communication Optimizer

The Smart Communication Optimizer is WAN optimized network software with the best performance in the industry to accelerate communication speeds.

Cloud Management Software

Cloud Management Software is an integrated cloud management software which can flexibly adapt to ICT(virtual) environment changes, supports unified system utilization and operation.

FUJITSU Software Cloud Services Management

Cloud Services Management is a solution for information system department to control cloud usage of user department.

FUJITSU Software Cloud Monitoring Manager

Cloud Monitoring Manager allows enterprises to manage, track, and optimize the OpenStack cloud services that they provide to their end users, including the underlying infrastructure.

FUJITSU Software ServerView Cloud Load Control

ServerView Cloud Load Control helps enterprises to manage their containerized applications in large-scale IT environments.

FUJITSU Software Enterprise Service Catalog Manager

FUJITSU Software Enterprise Service Catalog Manager provides a self-service portal for enterprises and service providers to automate the delivery of their software services, infrastructure services, or platform services to their employees and customers.

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