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In the face of profound upheavals, it is now necessary to simplify and structure IT processes: especially when the world is completely powered by the internet with cloud and cloud computing. Not only is the cloud changing models of IT deployment, it is also increasing the already exceptional speed at which data volumes are growing. Yet, one thing is abundantly clear: data volumes are increasing all the time and conventional structures are not geared to handle the resulting demand. Data is becoming more critical than ever. It is not the new gold because it is everywhere. However, it can become the new gold for organizations that leverage it properly –as a key strategic element for a solid future.

Using integrated solutions to steer the constantly growing volume of data into the methodical channels of effective data management and to streamline IT infrastructures that have grown too large with time – these goals define the way Fujitsu and NetApp think and act in their partnership.

The outstanding achievements of the partnership between Fujitsu and NetApp include infrastructure solutions, servers, storage systems, network technologies, and software with accompanying services bundled into a complete offering – from the edge to the core to the cloud.

Global strategic partnership between Fujitsu and NetApp


Complementary portfolio


Advanced DX Services and IP-led capabilities


Fujitsu Edge, Core, and Cloud offerings powered by NetApp


Support and professional services

The promised partnership: reliable. future-proof. proficient

Built on the stable foundations of high innovation, technological excellence, and financial stability, the Fujitsu and NetApp partnership epitomizes reliability. What do you gain from this? The security of long-term protection of your investments and skilled support in the continuous development of your infrastructure technologies.

Thanks to the strategic partnership between Fujitsu and NetApp, your company can take advantage of a leading IT infrastructure and smart data management and make the most of these two key players’ combined experience and expertise. We would be delighted to work with you on enhancing your IT infrastructure on an ongoing basis, keeping it always ready for the future. For this purpose, we also offer integrated solutions that stand out in terms of their flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency.

Why Fujitsu?

  • Fujitsu is one of the top five IT service providers worldwide
  • Fujitsu covers the entire spectrum of data center solutions and services
  • Fujitsu is the world's number one service partner for NetApp solutions
  • You can rely on the know-how of more than 1,300 certified Fujitsu experts

Why NetApp?

  • Largest independent company in the storage and data management field
  • Industry-leading technologies and solutions – flash, object, scale-out storage, backup, and the cloud
  • Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for primary storage

Why Fujitsu and NetApp?

The strategic partnership between Fujitsu and NetApp incorporates the best of both worlds: Fujitsu, one of the leading global IT infrastructure providers and NetApp, a high-ranking international provider of storage and data management solutions and cloud technologies. Fujitsu and NetApp ensure this harmony from a single source.


Reliable. Future-proof. Since 1998:

Partner network: Double the advantages:

Back to your future IT:

Strategic joint solutions for digital transformation helping you excel in a data-driven world

In their over 20-year partnership, Fujitsu and NetApp have set new standards for optimizing IT infrastructures. The objective has always been simple: create integrated IT in which components work together seamlessly and deliver great value. The combined innovation leadership of the two partners is now helping organizations take the next step to distributed IT architectures in which business information can be managed seamlessly from the edge, to the core and cloud.

Edge Core Cloud
Edge Core Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Local IT
Local IT
Business applications
Business applications
Data & AI
Data & AI
Fast IT
Fast IT
Edge Core Cloud

Back to the Future with Distributed IT

Along with data centers and cloud infrastructures, to handle and store business intelligence and transactional data, much more is now happening right at the very edges of enterprise networks. Fujitsu and NetApp together build and integrate a data fabric that embraces not just the core and cloud, but also devices and data at the edges of networks.

It is designed to maximize operational efficiency, protect critical data, and accelerate business outcomes.

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Hybrid Cloud

Data Management for Hybrid Cloud environments

Success in the digital age depends on how agile and innovative organizations are in tackling shifts in the landscape. Cloud has been invaluable in enabling this agility, but it’s caused a sea change of its own. Hybrid IT – where robust, on-premises systems integrate seamlessly with fast cloud-delivered elements – is the new reality. Fujitsu partners with NetApp to build and integrate Data Fabric within Hybrid IT and to help customers maximize the potential of their data in a Hybrid IT environment.

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Local IT

Data Management for Local IT

While most of the applications are running in a central data center or the cloud there is still a need for local IT. Remote offices and branch offices are running a limited number of purpose built workloads used by local workers only.
Fujitsu and NetApp help to manage local IT consistently with a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy software defined solution.

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Business applications

Data Management for Business Applications

Fujitsu and NetApp enable simplified, fast and secure implementation and operation of SAP applications and databases. Designed and delivered as a ready-to-run product and supplemented by a broad services portfolio.

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Data & AI

Data Management for Artificial Intelligence

Today Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are changing the world faster than we expected. AI is solving many real world problems and promises the potential many more known and unknown. As a direct outcome of this promise, new AI use cases continue to roll out at breakneck speeds.
To be successful in addressing these opportunities for customers, Fujitsu partners with NetApp to build and integrate a flexible and world class AI platform with the unified Data Fabric to help maximize the potential of data for an AI ready future.

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Fast IT

Data Management for Fast IT

With exciting opportunities to supercharge the power of flash, NVMe and NVMe-oF are set to transform how organizations manage and store data. Fujitsu can help make your NVMe journey easier, with storage systems that deliver massively parallel data access at unprecedented speeds.
With NVMe, you gain more performance, resilience, scale and security for your most valuable asset: your data. Give your data storage a fresh start with end-to-end NVMe from Fujitsu and NetApp.

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