Windows Server 2022 with Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY

United Power Anywhere

The cloud-ready operating system that boosts on-premises investments with hybrid capabilities

Having the right infrastructure to make the most of your organization’s data is critical to success. Take advantage of the united power of Windows Server 2022 with FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY to elevate the security posture of your organization, power any workload, and be ready to benefit from the hybrid capabilities. Discover how powerful the combination of PRIMERGY and Windows Server 2022 can help your business grow. With Windows Server software-defined (WSSD) data center capabilities go beyond server virtualization to achieve better infrastructure efficiency, while on-premises investments with hybrid features allow you to take advantage of cloud innovation at your own pace. In addition, Remote Desktop Services helps give remote users more secure and seamless access to Windows desktops and applications, and a flexible application platform provides improved support for containers and intensive workloads. In combination with our powerful PRIMERGY portfolio, you get the optimal solution for your use case. Whatever the size of your business – large enterprise with multiple sites, or a small or medium-sized company with maybe limited space and budget – with the right choice of server and operating system, your IT can become the business enabler you have always wanted it to be.

FUJITSU & Windows Server 2022

The working world has undergone a significant amount of change. Companies have to face new challenges and need to align with the contemporary demands of business and society. Watch our new video to see how FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY and Windows Server 2022 can help to respond to the new challenges.


Hybrid capabilities with Microsoft Azure

Hybrid capabilities with Microsoft Azure

  • Drive profit with cloud-ready hybrid capabilities that extend the efficiency of cloud to your on-premises infrastructure.
  • Maximize your IT team’s time and productivity with centralized, unified server administration capabilities.
  • Glean business insights with modern monitoring and analytics that provide greater visibility into your infrastructure, network, and applications.
  • Improve workload uptime and free IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives by automating frequent, time-consuming, and error-prone management tasks.

Advanced multilayer security

  • Help protect both your infrastructure and intellectual property with holistic security capabilities for detection and response, vulnerability management, and mobile threat defense.
  • Safeguard sensitive data with Secured-core solutions that help protect infrastructure against inspection, theft, and tampering.
  • Help maximize protection against emerging threats with comprehensive security solutions across hardware, firmware, and operating system.
  • Meet industry standards for data security with AES-256 encryption and platform firmware resilience to help protect sensitive business data.
Advanced multilayer security
More secure remote working

More secure remote working

  • Enable workers to be productive from nearly anywhere with enhanced security and more seamless access to remote desktops and apps.
  • Keep workers engaged with an enhanced remote user experience that provides access to powerful features like high-performance storage and graphics.
  • Save time by equipping your IT team with streamlined tools to perform consolidated local and remote desktop server management.
  • Save money with simplified remote desktop license management, which enables better allocation of Client Access Licenses (CALs) for Remote Desktop Services.

Modernized server infrastructure

  • Achieve greater datacenter efficiency and better resource management with Windows Server 2022 and the high performed FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY portfolio.
  • Scale effectively and economically with that can start small and grow as needed, making it affordable for businesses of virtually every size.
  • Stay competitive by adopting a modern operating system that responds to the evolving need for enhanced security, capacity, and flexibility.
  • Take the lead in app innovation with a modern, containerized platform for help with building more secure, reliable, and powerful apps.
Modernized server infrastructure

Editions and Licenses

Licensing models and CAL requirements for Windows Server 2022:

Ideal forLicense ModelCAL Requirement
DatacenterDatacenter or private cloud environments that can provide unlimited virtual instancesPer CoreWindows Server CAL
StandardPhysical or minimally virtualized environmentsPer CoreWindows Server CAL
EssentialsSmall businesses with up to 25 users or 50 devicesPer CoreNot needed
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