Video Products

The Fujitsu real-time H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC encoder/decoder products for UHD (4K) public screening/video contribution and HD/SD video contribution. With Best-in-class video fedelity, industry-leading 99ms ultra low latency and FEC/ARQ robust error correction, the Fujitsu IP series encoders/decoders will increase reliability and quality of your news gatheirng, sports, live events, and distribution links.

What's New!

[June 18th, 2021] Richard Harvey of FNC talks at SVG Sports Tech on Demand.
[Apr 27th, 2021] IP-HE950 updated basic software, "V01L051" is released.
[Jan 27th, 2021] IP-HE950 updated basic software, "V01L050" is released.
[June 5th, 2020] FNC started to deliver IP series in North America.
[June 5th, 2020] IP-HE950 updated basic software, "V01L042", IP-9x0 series updated basic software, "V02L061" and IP-90 updated basic software, "V01L013" are released.

MediaCloud Contribution Service

Highly-reliable, low-latency and large-capacity cloud-based streaming service that leverages our powerful propriety error correction technology (FUJITSU QoS) and a cloud backbone.
(Under Development)