Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Seamlessly connect your data center to the cloud

PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is the fastest and easiest way to extend your data center to the cloud leveraging Azure Stack HCI, a purpose-built, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) operating system from Microsoft for modernizing on-premises operations with cloud-native capabilities and management. To reduce deployment and operational risks, Fujitsu provides a range of validated and Microsoft certified server nodes based on high performance, energy-efficient Fujitsu PRIMERGY standard x86 servers in combination with consulting, installation and support services.

Unlocking the benefits of Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Microsoft Azure Stack HCI:

  • Hybrid by design - cloud-based services for backup, monitoring, identity access management, security and more
  • Pay-as-you-go - scale up or down at a predictable cost
  • Single pane of glass visibility into on-premises and cloud resources
  • Built with native disaster recovery
  • Reduced deployment and operational risk with pre-tested and certified server nodes
  • Powered by Fujitsu PRIMERGY standard x86 servers with leading price/performance and extremely low failure rates below market average
  • Solution-level support with single point of contact

Integrate your datacenter with the cloud today.

The advantages of cloud computing can seem hard to realize when you need to keep some or most of your data on-premises and when connecting to the cloud is easier said than done.

To bridge the gap and leverage the best of both worlds, Microsoft and Fujitsu teamed up to provide your on-premises data center with cloud-native capabilities that enable you to create a hybrid cloud environment.

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