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Fujitsu IT Publications and Journals

Fujitsu Scientific & Technical Journal

FSTJ 2019-05 thumbnailVol. 55, No. 5, 2019
Security to Support Connected Society
This issue introduces Fujitsu's vision for "Security for Supporting Connected Society" from diverse viewpoints including technologies, services, business infrastructure, and workforce development.

FSTJ 2019-04 thumbnailVol. 55, No. 4, 2019
Digital Marketing
This issue introduces Fujitsu's framework and approach to digital marketing as embodied in its customer-centric Fujitsu Digital Marketing Platform CX360 solution and presents recent examples of CX360 in practice both inside and outside the company.

I - Global Intelligence for the CIO

I -  Global Intelligence for the CIOI – Global Intelligence for the CIO showcases exclusive insight from global thought-leaders, management gurus, and high-profile CXOs, while delivering expertly written content focused on strategic IT topics, agenda-setting business issues and peer-to-peer debate on core business and technology trends.


FUJITSU JOURNALFUJITSU JOURNAL is a Web magazine that introduces business and technology information with the aim of creating more prosperous world.
It covers digital topics, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, as well as cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches using ICT.



Other publications

  • Guide to Japanese
    A Fujitsu report on digital transformation based on research undertaken with CEOs and senior IT decision makers.
  • Information Paradox
    The Information Paradox introduces a unique, client-tested framework called the "Benefits Realization Approach."

Publications from regional and group companies