Fujitsu joins Japan Health & Productivity Management Alliance

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 11, 2023

Fujitsu today announced that it joined the Health & Productivity Management Alliance, an organization established on June 30, 2023, consisting of 290 Japanese companies and organizations (1) that share the common vision of "revitalizing Japanese companies through the health of employees and realizing sustainable health insurance."

To maintain and improve the physical and mental health of its employees, Fujitsu has been promoting various measures including awareness campaigns for cancer (2), headaches (3), and bone assessments using chest radiographs (4) in cooperation with universities and companies.

Through its participation in the Health & Productivity Management Alliance, Fujitsu aims to contribute to the sustainability of Japanese companies by creating an environment where employees can work in good physical and mental health by sharing knowledge and know-how on health management across industries. Fujitsu will further contribute to the creation of a platform for health management to solve societal issues including increasing medical costs.


The improvement of people’s well-being represents an important issue within Fujitsu’s materiality. As part of its vision for “Healthy Living,” one of the key focus areas under Fujitsu Uvance, Fujitsu is not only providing ongoing health education to its employees, but also offers a platform for health-related data (5) for medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

To further strengthen its health management culture, Fujitsu will promote the use and exchange of information on initiatives and health management with other participating companies in the Health & Productivity Management Alliance.

By providing solutions for health management that leverage insights gained through the participation in this alliance, Fujitsu aims to contribute not only to the extension of healthy life expectancy in Japan, but also to the resolution of societal issues including the optimization of health insurance financing and the control of medical costs.

Major initiatives of the Health & Productivity Management Alliance

Through the promotion of collaborative health by companies and the Japanese Health Insurance Societies, the Health & Productivity Management Alliance will identify data-driven issues, implement solutions, and evaluate various measures. In addition, through the steady implementation of a PDCA cycle based on a data health plan, participants aim to realize the co-creation and practical implementation of solutions for shaping health management.

1. Design of health management evaluation indicators

  • Design of health management KPIs that contribute to the improvement of corporate value by properly evaluating health management initiatives and results

2. Preparation of health management assessment based on data analysis

  • Development of a health management assessment framework to identify and visualize health issues

3. Construction of information platforms for various solutions

  • Accumulation of information on various solutions necessary for creating robust health management scheme
  • Creation of a database including information on experience of participating companies and organizations in introducing solutions as well as results of field tests to support the selection of appropriate solutions to companies’ health management tasks
  • Achieve faster practical solutions through collective learning and knowledge of the participating companies and organizations

4. Study groups/seminars

The Health & Productivity Management Alliance will hold study sessions and seminars to enhance literacy and skills related to health management for senior management, HR staff and health insurance practitioners

Example topics:

1) Health management initiatives in human capital management
2) Use of data in health management
3) Fostering a corporate culture that promotes health management and supports employees
4) Practical examples of companies working to solve problems in health management

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Date: 11 December, 2023
City: Tokyo, Japan
Company: Fujitsu Limited
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