Customer Insights in Sustainability Transformation

Hear what our customers are thinking about Sustainability and how technology and partnerships are enabling their transformation.

"With the help of technology, we want our patients to be as healthy as possible and to have as good quality of life as possible."

Katariina Rouvinen

Development Manager
Helsinki University Hospital
"Welcome Artificial Intelligence as your new teammate. But still, people are the key because AI will only be as good as the questions we ask it."

Timo Lehtimäki

State Security Networks Group of Finland
"Technology is the key enabler in our sustainable transformation."

Rashmi Kasat-Majakorpi

VP, Digital Technologies
"Analytics is very critical for us - how we cluster our citizens to understand how our families are doing for example. AI can help with that analysis."

Aleksi Kopponen

Director of Digital Transformation
City of Tampere
"Sustainable transformation is about building the future."

Soili Mäkinen

Senior Vice President
Sustainable Business
"Sustainable growth means to me, that long term goals are more important than short term goals."

Kimmo Kauhanen

Head of Supervision Technologies Division
Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland
"When you have good customer experience, you can have trust in the society."

Esko Kaarlonen

Chief Architect
State Treasury

Thank you to our customers who shared their thoughts with us at the Fujitsu ActivateNow event in Finland in October 2023, where the themes were Sustainability Transformation and Uvance. Learn more on Fujitsu Uvance and how we are already helping our customers on Sustainability Transformation.

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