When we found out that the Azure data centers are located in Japan, we were able to entrust our system and data with peace of mind.

Satoshi Fukuda, Information Systems Team, Hagihara Industries Inc.
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Hagihara Industries Inc

Only one-third of operations time it used to previously


Hagihara Industries is headquartered in the Mizushima industrial complex, an industrial zone in the southern part of Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture.


When Hagihara Industries’ Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 R2 OS and SAP ERP support ended, it needed to replace these core systems. It also wanted to improve core system data backups, which are done once a month on remotely stored tape media. However restoring is slow and data immediately preceding a disaster cannot be restored.


Hagihara Industries successfully created a future-oriented system infrastructure with high availability, scalability and reliability using Azure solutions proposed and provided by Fujitsu.


  • By switching to Azure, the latest system infrastructure can always be used without worrying about hardware obsolescence
  • The costs of running Azure are lower than the total cost of maintaining its previous system infrastructure, which translates into cost savings
  • Deploying Azure Site Recovery cuts data backup costs as well as backup-to-recovery lead-time while allowing failback to the most recent data

Download Full Case Study PDF