Fujitsu built an all-in-one SAP HANA® solution on a future-ready technology platform with all the modules we need as well as the added SAP Fiori functionality. It also migrated our 8TB database from Oracle to SAP HANA without impacting the business.

Anas Taraben, Director of IT, Dubai Refreshment Company
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Dubai Refreshment Company

Much greater visibility of stock and invoice clearance


Dubai Refreshment Company (DRC) was founded in 1959 and in 1962 was appointed the sole franchisee and distributor for PepsiCo in the UAE.


DRC’s SAP hardware platform was reaching end of life and would cost significant amounts to continue maintenance and support. In order to achieve the shift to SAP HANA, it decided to replace it with a flexible, future-proof SAP data center solution but needed to find the right partner to provide both the innovative data center and handle the migration.


The company turned to FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA, running 12 SAP modules including SAP Fiori. Fujitsu also managed the migration of an 8TB Oracle database into the new HANA-based environment. Now all users in five locations have significantly accelerated access to core business functions.


  • Business reports can be generated in 30 seconds rather than 30 minutes
  • Analytics can be performed without the need for a data warehouse
  • Predictable monthly payments remove the need for costly up-front investment
  • SAP Fiori enables 3G connectivity for mobile users
  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA is scalable to seamlessly extend capacity, leaving room for business growth

Download Full Case Study PDF

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