The Fujitsu Cyber Threat Intelligence service has allowed Scottish Water to strengthen our overall security posture and provides us with the level of detection and prevention services that meets our needs.

Tom Porteous, Head of Customer Services, Scottish Water
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Scottish Water

Response and action from Security Operations Centre


Scottish Water provides drinking water to 2.45 million households and 154,000 business customers in Scotland.


When Scottish Water users accidentally introduced a new virus to its network, the company needed to act fast to minimise the damage and quickly remove the new strain of crypto-malware.


Scottish Water activated the Fujitsu Cyber Threat Intelligence service, which immediately identified the source of the unknown malware variant, cleaned infected devices and worked with Symantec to create a signature that would block it.


  • Enhances information security defences through continuous monitoring and proactive response, protecting infrastructure and services
  • Minimises the network exposure to threats
  • Ensures the malware could not cause further damage to the network
  • Enables the quick creation of a script that would block the virus in the future
  • All infected devices were cleaned and returned to the users
  • Provides context to the business in terms of the threat and subsequent damage

Download Full Case Study PDF

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