Great work leads to great references

Fujitsu works with international and local innovators across multiple industries and sectors – people who shape modern business. We’re proud that our solutions help them deliver a real competitive advantage. They have incredible stories to tell and that’s why we want to share this with others

Share your stories

If you work with Fujitsu, your story is vital for both of us. As your strategic technology partner, it helps promote your brand as much as ours. That’s why we’ve designed a Customer Reference Program, backed by dedicated marketing resources, to promote your success.

Benefits of becoming a reference

Our Program gives you the opportunity to:
  • Gain visibility among peers
  • Establish yourself or your organisation as leaders in industry
  • Promote your brand
  • Build your professional network
  • Deepen your relationship with Fujitsu 
We create bespoke content that showcases your special capabilities and cutting-edge solutions. This includes written case studies and videos with your team that we share across our social media channels, websites and at events.  
There are additional opportunities to join us at industry events, write guest blogs and co-create further content to share your experiences, capabilities and success stories.  You can get involved as little or as much as you like. 

Discover more

Are you ready to join the other industry leaders already sharing their success stories?

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